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December 8, 2006

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Christmas, that is! I love this time of year, lol. (except shopping, I hate shopping, but I make most of my gifts so it balances out, haha).

I HATE that I have to work not only Christmas, but the weekend right before, so I will have NO free time on Christmas until after work, its going to be HARD to do, but hopefully I will be able to manage….just pray I don’t fall asleep driving!

I work the weekend of the 23/24 from 6:30 am till 2:30 pm….then on the 24th, as soon as I get home and gather gifts that I need to take and the food I need to bring, we’re heading to Beckley for dad’s side of the family’s Christmas eve party that is our family tradition….so, yeah, I get HOME from work (after being up since 4:30-5 am) I get home at 4 pm, then I go to dad’s who is driving to Beckley (about 2 hrs on a normal day, not sure about weather or traffic), and we usually don’t get back to Ravenswood until about 2 am…and that means 2 am Christmas day…and then I start work at my at-home job from 5 am-7 am, and then I have to leave for work for my full time job, and I don’t get home from that till 6 pm…

UNLESS I won’t have to work a full day…which I’m praying for! As long as things stay caught up, then I’ll be able to work only 1/2 day or maybe even not at all for Christmas day! The other lady who worked Thanksgiving didn’t have to come in at all because it was all caught up, so I’m praying it will be the same for me…..on top of being tired as hell….being stuck in an office all alone on Christmas day will NOT be fun.

Anyway, this weekend Ian’s school is doing Breakfast with Santa, which he is excited about and thank goodness I finally got the software for my digi camera loaded on the computer and my memory card for the camera is EMPTY so now I can take pics for the Breakfast with Santa. Ian’s dad is coming to get him on Saturday afternoon (so far) and will bring him back on Sunday afternoon, so I have 24 hrs to myself….which unfortunally will be spent solely on getting crafts done for Christmas gifts, and Christmas cards!!! BUT, they NEED to get done. Then on Tuesday Ian has his first Christmas program, I can’t wait to see him. I told his dad about the day and time, and we’ll see if he shows up. He said he will, and if he does, it will probably be because of his girlfriend, hahaha, but we’ll see.

The weekend after that 16/17th, I’m off but will be busy again with Christmas stuff, and then I’m off that Monday and Tuesday (18/19) and then I work 10 days in a row, and I’m off New Year’s Day and the weekend before….

SO, of course, I’m DYING to get out on New Year’s haven’t done that in YEARS, but we’ll see, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up home with Ian, which is fine, he’s old enough now that he wants to try to stay up, so we’ll have fun, too…..but just once I’d really like to go and hang out with other adults on New Year’s eve, socialize, have fun, get out, have a date, SOMETHING, haha…

Oh, yesterday, ALL DAY, I had chest pressure feeling like someone was leaning or holding me down on my upper chest (between the twins and my collar bone)….and shortness of breath, and my throat from my tonsils all the way down through to my chest felt very tight. I was tired all day and didn’t feel well at all, and ended up going home 1-1/2 hrs early….so far today I feel fine, so lets hope it was just a 1 day thing. Yesterday I also had a very very stressful morning, so lets pray it was just that and me getting sick (as I know I am), and nothing major.

Anyway, off to work. I thought I’d share a pic on here from my digi camera that is from MAY 2006, hahaha, I told you guys I haven’t posted a pic in a while cause of not finding my digital camera software! The pic is Ian and his friend River, hanging out in the back yard of River’s place.

Have a safe weekend everyone!



  1. Damn. you work tooooooooooooooooooo much; you need to find a way to work less girl. Was there supposed to be a picture here? hope you have a nice weekend. it’s been busy as H*** here at work so I have to be brief. peace~art

    Comment by art — December 8, 2006 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

  2. I’m exhausted just reading that…phew! I haven’t even started shopping yet, so I am starting to feel the stress already but I am a bit of a grinch anyways so it is just adding to my existing dislike of this season.
    I haven’t been out on New Years in 11 years girl, so if you can…get out.
    Max’s bday is on New Years day, so I am always with him the night before because he thinks that is part of his bday too.

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — December 8, 2006 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

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