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January 2, 2007

Happy 2007!!!! Picture heavy!

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Lots of catching up and pics….

First, Christmas was great, even though I had to work over the weekend, I didn’t have to work Christmas day. Of course, Ian was at his dad’s, but at least I got to finish some things, literally the day of Christmas I was finishing some gifts and wrapping them, haha. We had our family Christmas eve party and Ian was able to be there for that, then on the way home we dropped him off at his dad’s, and then he came back home Tuesday night where we opened presents. Great time. Here are some pics….

First off, my camera IS DYING, I would take a pic, the flash would go off, and the picture wound turn out very very dark and the color was off, and it kept saying the battery was drained, I kept changing batteries, but with brand new ones, same thing. Its still “alive”, but its dying fast. Christmas eve my tree broke, the plastic leg cracked and the tree fell on top of me, thank goodness Ian wasn’t there. But, determined to have a tree in the pictures for Ian opening presents, haha, I propped that bad boy up against the corner, haha, so here’s the shot I took after I cleaned up the ornaments that fell off, and propped the tree in the corner. You can see the color is off, this was with my camera as it was dying, and I had to fix it with photo editing software and this is the best I could make it, when I uploaded the pic from my camera, it was almost black…ugh!
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I made this for my ex’s dad. Yes, I still get along with all my in-laws, just not the ex himself, well, technically with the ex, but only for Ian’s sake. Ex’s dad is retired from the Army….I made something similar for my dad, with a black frame. They both loved it!
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Family Christmas eve party –
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That’s my cousin Debra being a cheese for the camera, haha, goobers….

Ian and “Santa”. My cousin Joey plays Santa every year, its one of the family traditions. Before him, his father did it until he passed away. Joey’s son is I think 10 yrs old, he told Ian and Spencer (who is 6) that Santa is really his dad dressed up, and now Ian thinks that was Joey and not Santa, but he said “I guess Joey is one of Santa’s helpers.” so, hopefully I have 1 more year of him believing…..
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Tuesday night, when Ian and I had our Christmas after he got back from his dad’s…
His gift from “Santa”
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I think he likes it…
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Ian gave mommy Sharpie love….he always sees me drooling at all the fun colors, so he told my dad that’s what he wants to get me for Christmas, hehe, and they found this….hehehehe
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Our usual self portrait…
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Ok, so now some catching up….
I got myself a new camera, it is only 5.0 megapixels, but my first camera had only 2.1 MP and my last one that finally died has only 3.1 MP, but neither had optical zoom, only digital, which some of you know makes the photos very pixelated and not clear. Well, with the money I got for Christmas gifts, I bought myself a new camera, its older as far as the model that I got, but I still love it already…a Canon Powershot A530 – takes video with sound, speaker on the camera for playback with sound, has 4x optical zoom, and has many features as far as types of photos/lighting, does macro for those close-up shots which both my old cameras DID NOT DO, and the best part, it uses the same memory cards I already have, so I didn’t have to buy a new type of card. I love it so far, here is one pic I took with that camera, on the LOWEST setting…
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Ok, the last thing to catch up on…for the past couple of months I’ve been talking to a guy we’ll call Boyjam, previously I used his initials JB, so turning it around and making boyjam out of it, lol….he’s 39, he grew up where I currently live, but he now lives in California, near where I used to live….we started talking online chat, then e-mails, and then phone calls. He was the one who sent me flowers about a month back. He is funny, we talk for HOURS on end, literally!! Its not odd for us to talk for 6+ hours on the phone 1 day of a weekend, just 1 day. Anyway, so when TE and I had stopped seeing each other, he had asked if I’d join him for dinner when he gets here to WV. He was going to be here to visit his son and daughter for the holidays, as well as some friends and extended family. So, I said sure, why not, it would be nice to meet the person I’ve talked to for hours. So we ended up meeting for lunch instead, it was nice, great to see an animated face talking instead of a still picture. We had a great time. He had also before he came here for the visit, asked me to be his date for New Year’s eve….what a great night! He showed up with a box of Godiva chocolates, which I can’t find here in WV, he thought of it before he left California, brought them for me. Not many men will do that anymore, show up with a little something for their date. He and I went and had dinner, talked and laughed a lot, had a great dinner. We then were supposed to go dancing, but my back had been bothering me, so we had decided to go to some place and hae a drink and ring in the new year, well, we didn’t find anything we liked. So, we settled on renting a movie and hanging out at my place. Don’t worry, I have had him “checked out”…..before he came here, he had given me the names of various people he knows, so I can “investigate” him, one of the people he knows happens to be the hospital administrator of the hospital I work at, so of course, I had to find out, and so yeah, I had him checked out. Even my friend Steve who I had lunch with a few weeks back, he said that Boyjam is a nice guy. So, anyway, we rented a total chic flick – Message in a Bottle – and the movie Click. It was a quiet ringing in of the new year, but I was flooded with compliments, had great conversation, lots of laughs, and then was asked again if he could see me one more time before he leaves on Thursday back to California. He asked if I would continue to call him after he goes back, and of course I will…it was fun, he was so sweet and such a gentleman the whole night, I truly had a great night and we rang in 2007 with a nice kiss. 😉

Here’s a pic of me and Boyjam, I look like I’ve been drinking, haha, but neither of us had a drink that night. Its one of those pics where ya have your arm extended, we’re both short and not much arm span, haha, and this is the only shot I got of us that night.
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So, I had a busy week, a great New Year’s Eve, and a happy outlook for starting off 2007….I hope everyone had a safe and fun time since Christmas, I need to catch up on blogs!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a better 2007!


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  1. you two look cute together

    Comment by art — January 5, 2007 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

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