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January 5, 2007

Da Count and some thoughts

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I haven’t done Da Count in a long time, so here’s my Da Count for today…. see my sidebar for the details.

THE INTERNET….yes, the internet….if it wasn’t for this here Internet, Diana might be a lonely girl. I’ve made some wonderful friends that I’ve met online, some that I’ve later met in person, others that I haven’t but hope to someday. I’ve met people in dating through the internet, some good and some bad, some that stayed somewhat friends, others that have stayed constant friends in the last 2-1/2 years. The internet gives me a place to blog, to let my thoughts out, instead of writing in a journal which I have to wait till the end of the day, I can hop on the internet during a break at work and type up my thoughts, my fears, my feelings, my boredom. I can shop, pay bills, find recipes, find inspiration, reconnect with people from my past, show off my son, catch up with family and friends, get directions, play mindless games, show Ian things he’d never see otherwise. So yes, today’s Da Count is the internet….

On to some thoughts, just bear with me, I’m just letting this stuff out of my noggin, lol…..

*My sister is still with that guy. She called mom before New Year’s and said she was going to leave him on Friday (I believe it was a tuesday or wednesday that she called?) Well, come Friday she called mom and said they had a “talk” and he admits he’s an ass and will change, he doesn’t want to lose her, blah blah blah….so we’ll see. Its funny cause she is willing to take him back, even though he’s a freeloader, has not worked in a while, she pays all the bills, she followed him to 2 different states and she lost her new Jeep in the process, he has cheated on her a couple of times and she knows this….yet, she’s willing to give him till the SUMMER to change. She said if he doesn’t change by then, she is leaving. I pray she doesn’t end up pregnant before then! I pray she’ll actually leave. I stayed longer than I should’ve with my ex, but the difference is we were married and had a child. I’m soooooo glad I left that situation. I hope she leaves him, she deserves so much better. She considered moving back to California, if she does, I have an excuse to move, lol.

* Its the new year, and I want to make some changes, which are actually the usual suspects: Clean and organize my apartment, minimize clutter. I of course want to lose weight and started of ok, but then the holidays came and bleh on that, haha, so need to start that back up. I still have to try to look at least where I feel comfortable in a swimsuit in Hawaii this summer.

* Need to change jobs, bleh.

* This guy boyjam, oh. my. gosh. I can’t get him out of my head. I’ve never met anyone like him. We just clicked. So far I like everything about him, EVERYTHING. He has dreams and goals and he is working towards them, he has his act together, he loves his kids and talks about them often, he is so sweet to me….he makes me melt just by looking into his eyes. I’m putty in his hands. I hope he doesn’t find out this stuff until I know how I am to him, lol, cause I don’t want him to know that until I know he feels the same. He is the ONLY person who has had a complete package since Jim….THE ONLY one, and I feel so much more comfortable around Boyjam than I did with Jim….so much easier to talk to him. I hope to get to see him again soon. He makes me think about “what ifs” for something more, and I like the way I feel when I’m with him, when I talk to him on the phone….he just makes me feel happy inside, and i don’t want that feeling to go away any time soon.

* Speaking of Jim, I haven’t talked to him in about 4 or 5 months. I miss his friendship, but there comes a point when someone who was a dear friend, just becomes a friend. I’ve let him go a few months ago, gave up trying to get in touch with him, and it makes me sad, but I tried, he didn’t return calls or e-mails, doesn’t have an answer machine. So, I’m left just to walk away, and that’s fine. His friendship was there when I needed it most, and that’s all I can really ask for, right?

* I had a dream, wierd, boyjam and me walking on the sand at the beach. That’s it, no words, no events, just that.

* I just realized I had bought Peppermint Schnapps, and I never had any. doh!

* did I mention I can’t get boyjam out of my head? He went back to California yesterday and already I miss him. I hope he’ll want to see me again. I hope I’m enough of an interest that he won’t forget about me soon. We had a deep discussion his last night here with me, I’m glad we did.

* This weekend I have stuff to do, and hopefully I’ll get it all done.

* I took some more pics of stuff I made, just haven’t uploaded them yet.

* I am in a scrapbooking mood, so hopefully I can get my desk cleared off and organized, and start making some layouts….I only did maybe 3 or 4 1-page layouts in 2006!!!! sooo bad!

* Did I mention that boyjam loves my eyes? I love his…staring into mine….hehe.

Ok, enough of that! I gotta get back to work. Have a great Friday everyone, and a great weekend!


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  1. like I said D I really hope this works out for you

    Comment by art — January 5, 2007 @ 6:39 pm | Reply

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