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January 21, 2007

Boyjam and sister and Hawaii

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He got that webcam, I was surprised at my reaction to finally getting to see his face on the cam. I mean, when we talk, I’m the nerdy high-school-type girl who puts his picture on the computer up while we talk so I can sorta see his face and talk at the same time. He’s been able to see my face on the webcam, and as of Thursday night, I was able to see his…and man when his webcam came on, I swear, my heart skipped a beat, I got butterflies….it was SOOOOOOOO good to see an animated face instead of a still photo….and man, I actually MISS seeing this guy! He is so sweet and we continue to have our long 5 hour conversation Friday night and then last night, and I do admit, its nice to be able to see his face while we talk.

I had to take a pic, and he’s goofy too, hehe, this pic is also on my photoblog…

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So, I talked to Country Boy…yes, I did. I had decided I really do like Boyjam, and so I have to make sure that I’m over this Country Boy thing, given that Boyjam is in California, and Country Boy is here, I had to make sure I was done with the Country Boy drama….so when we talked on the phone, I asked Country Boy…”So, how’s married life treating you?” and the question came out easily, I didn’t feel sad or like he was going to kick me in the stomach any minute, and he answered that its not all that great, and that the marriage doesn’t amount to much. Odd. My first instinct WAS NOT to say anything rude, was not to be sad….my instinct was “well, I’m sorry to hear that.” What? yes, and I said that….see, if I was still all about Country Boy, I would’ve been a smart ass from the hurt and I know I would’ve said something like “well, as long as it was all worth it”, but I didn’t.

So, I felt good in knowing that I indeed have moved passed the Country Boy thing. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, read back around June/July for that issue, its done and over with, and I no longer feel sad or hurt by that, I figured I felt that way, but I did admit to missing his company at times. However, I don’t feel that sadness or hurt anymore, and I even saw him on my way home from work yesterday as I was driving home, and the last time I had seen him about 4 months or so ago, I saw him and I felt like someone had just put a hole inside me, and my heart raced fast and this time I felt nothing, so I assume that’s all a great sign.

Anyway, so I told Boyjam about it, and he said “are you over that, cause you know I’m way over here, and I don’t want you to change your mind for someone you still have a thing for there.” I told ihm that I’m sure I’m over that, and that even if he wanted to come back, he married someone else, that kind of hurt isn’t something I give a second chance to, but that he has no worries, I had to test myself to see if I was good in that department before I continued with Boyjam, and he said that’s good to hear, and he actually had done the same thing with his ex-wife at one point before he started back into the dating world. So, that’s definitely good to know.

GREAT NEWS!! MY SISTER LEFT HER LOSER MAN!!!! She had mentioned around Christmas she was going to leave him, then changed her mind and gave him YET ANOTHER chance and said if he doesn’t change by Christmas she’s out of there…then she sent me a txt message saying “I think I’ve outgrown him.” and I asked what she meant but she didn’t reply back. Apparently since Christmas he’s been kissing her ass, throwing out “you know I love you, right?” But she sent me a message saying that every time he says stuff like that, while she loves him, she also is disgusted by him and said when he says that she immediately thinks of all the cheating and stealing he’s done. He’s already stole from his mom’s work and his mom and sister sat down with my sister and told her that he has been this way for YEARS, that the mom finaly had enough and kicked him out years ago because he was stealing money and got he fired from a job she had been at for 10 years because he was stealing money. They told her he is a habitual liar and they think he lies so much that he believes his own lies, they think. She said she finally had enough after that conversation, looking at him and knowing she loves him, but knowing it would never change, and so she decided to move back to California. She was going to wait till the end of February so she could save up money, but apparently he and her had a huge argument and she had enough and was going to just leave, and she left YESTERDAY!! She told me she was going to leave on Saturday, but until she actually got on that plane, I wasn’t going to hold my breath. I love my sister, but ya know, I didn’t want to expect her to leave, I wanted to wait to be relieved until she actually got on that damn plane. So, she called me from the airport last night and told me all the shit he had done in the past 1-1/2 years they have been together, told me about all the lies, the cheating that she knows of, the times he ALMOST cheated, told me about his stealing from her, from his mom, from his sister, everything. But, I can hear it in her voice, right now she has nothing but disgust for him, I know at some point she may break down and miss him and be sad that it all was a lie, but right now she’s mad and feels like a fool for falling for his lies. I told her I’ve been there (with the ex), though not as bad, I’d been through something very similar. Anyway, so she sent me a text this morning at 2 am, “I’m in Cali!! I’m tired and STARVING” haha…..

She is staying with one of her oldest friends in California. Not old as in age, haha, old as in she’s known her since I think junior high, definitely high school. This friend offered for my sister to stay with her and she would help her find a job, she gave us the address to her friend. I’m so glad she has decided to do this and I was talking to Boyjam last night with my sister called, and he saw me crying on the webcam when I hung up and asked if I was ok, and I said yeah, that it just all hit me how worried I’d been over her in the last 6 months or so, and that I feel this huge relief that she’s going to be ok. He typed “awww, you’re a big sis….”


So, lots of positive things this year, well, negative for my sister in that she had to go through that, but positive in that she saw it and finally left and is moving forward and hopefully will not ever look back at THAT.

She talked to my dad before she called me to tell him she was leaving the ass as she calls him, my dad and I laugh over that one….she said he told her he really wants her to go on this family vacation to Hawaii with us, and he’d pay for her ticket and her part of the house if she would please please please join us. Its been since 1989 since we took a real family vacation, and never with most of the rest of the family on dad’s side, AND she’ll get to see mom and bruce and me and Ian….so I’m hoping she’ll do it. She said she doesn’t know if she can because she has to look for a new job, and she asked how long we’ll be in Hawaii, and I told her 2 weeks, but she doesn’t HAVE to stay the whole 2 weeks, even just 1 week, just to talk to whoever she’s interviewing with, if they offer her a job just say right off the bat that there is this family vacation that has been planned and when it is and if she can have the time off or at least part of the time off to go, and the worst they can say is no, and they wouldn’t NOT hire her based on that since she’s being up front with it from the get-go….so hopefully she will be able to go, even for a week…its been so long since we all got together. I also told her my plan for when we get to Hawaii, I’ve already talked to my mom/step-dad and dad/step-mom that I would love for us to have pictures taken as a group, see I’m lucky in that my family get along THAT well, my parents and step-parents get along THAT well, that who knows when Ian would be able to have all his grandparents on my side together in the same state again, that I’d love to be able to take pics of him, them, me, my youngest sis and now hopefully my sis Bobbi if she can go, too….that would be amazing to me to have us all in a picture….and so great for Ian to have that… So, crossing my fingers.

Oh yeah, I told Boyjam…”well, maybe if you and I are still doing this thing, maybe you could meet us up in Hawaii, you’d get to meet all my parents at the same time, both of my sisters if Bobbi can go, too….” so he said “well, that’s off in the summer and I have my daughter for a month in the summer, not sure what month yet, but as long as the schedules work out and such, I don’t see why I couldn’t at least be there for a few days, if you haven’t gotten rid of me by then.” So, who knows. Two of my other cousins and one aunt are bringing their boyfriends, lol, so why not me, ha.

Ok, my work is pushing for more work, less breaks, which means less online time, so I will not be able to blog from work anymore, so my blogging will be at night after I get home, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this and the photoblog up!



  1. all sounds like everything is going right for yoU D :O

    Comment by art — January 22, 2007 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  2. 5 hours on the phone??? Where do you find the time?
    Would you really have called Countryboy if there were no feelings? I’m just saying….
    Not raining on your parade, just be careful girl.

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — January 22, 2007 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

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