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January 25, 2007

Quick catch up…

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I’m not supposed to do this from work….shhhhhh

I have more to write, I’ll try to remember to do some tonight, but thought I’d drop a quick catch up…

Sister is doing great, getting settled in. This weekend she is going back to the storage unit where her belongings have been since she and her NOW EX-BOYFRIEND took off to Washington 6 months ago…she’s glad to get her stuff back.

Six months ago….no wonder I cried when I knew she got home safe to California….I’ve been so worried about her. She has her sense of humor back already, she is bitter to him, but otherwise, she’s hanging on to her old self and I’m so glad for that. I hope she finds someone who treats her right. She has so much to give the right person.

Speaking of someone who treats someone right….Boyjam!!! Omigosh!!! I’m so head-over-heels for this guy! I never imagined myself in a long distance relationship, and though its hard because I would love to be able to be physically near him, feel warm arms snug around me and some kissing, hehe…..but we are getting to know each other in this way that so far has been fun and interesting. He’s so sweet, I love being able to see him on the webcam…. He asks how my day goes and actually listens, or reads depending on if we’re on the phone or IM, haha, he e-mails me, he makes sure I know that he is thinking of me, and I do the same, and I think that is a good thing. He has made me laugh more times in the last few months than I’ve laughed in the last year….another good thing…a GREAT thing!

We had a fun conversation last night about music, it was great because we both have diverse music tastes, but he has the same tastes as me for most of it….its cool, we kept saying things like “I know that song!” or “heard of _____” and always thinking wow, haha.

I finally got hold of someone for the job thing….I’ll post later when I find out more details.

Ian had his first official snow day yesterday, he loved it, I enjoyed spending time with him, time with my dad around lunch time….great day.

I’m heading back to work now, I’ll post more tonight. You all be some good kids!!

p.s. Did I mention I’m so into this Boyjam? He is good for my soul. He has a caring soul the way I care about things and people important to him, he has the morals and values that I have, I haven’t found a single thing wrong with this guy. The best part of all, we can just TALK for hours without getting bored, the time flies by and we still have more to say the very next day….I hope we never run out of things to talk about…. Somehow he made his way into my life, and I’m enjoying every minute of it…who would’ve thought I’d be doing this?


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  1. enjoy the ride

    Comment by art — January 26, 2007 @ 1:48 pm | Reply

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