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February 16, 2007


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Computer problems! NOOOOO! Yes, its true, my home computer is just DEAD, it will not start up, I have an error and I am going to try to fix it this weekend when I have time to mess with it. So, until then I’m limited to my work computer for blogging, and that is harder to do since I’m not supposed to be using it for that kind of stuff.

Anyway, so quick update and then I’m outta here….

* My grandpa is out of ICU, he’s still in the hospital, but out of ICU so that’s good news. As of tomorrow (Saturday) he’ll have been in there 2 weeks. My dad is thinking of going back up to see him this weekend, so I’ll get to go since I don’t have to work. My grandma Betty is still in the hospital as well.

* I have a bad sore ear! It hurt this morning to even put my headphones on for work, just for it to touch my ear….so I called in, put in my stupid ear drops (bleh!) and took my horse-pill sized medicine….and now my throat is sore and scratchy. I guess I’m going to start taking the antibiotics the doctor gave me for if the ear drops don’t work by themselves.

It was the hot doctor who saw me on Wednesday when I left work early because of the ear pain. He is very nice actually, Ian really likes him. Anyway, he told me after looking at my tonsils that my teeth are in great shape and that around here he sees a lot of patients with very bad teeth, even younger girls, so he said “You must take great care of them” and I said thank you, I do my best, and he said “you really have nice teeth and a great smile.” So, of course, I tell Boyjam this, hehe…

* I went into work on Valentine’s day to a dozen red roses, sent by Boyjam….so sweet, totally made me smile. My mom loved the fact that he sent them to my work, she said “you get to show off”, hehe. I have only gotten roses for valentine’s day by my own father, well, except one time I got 1 rose for V-day, from my ex-fiance, after dragging me to the mall because I got him some small things and he didn’t get me anything, so he dragged me to the mall, its just not the same as being surprised by a rose (or a dozen!!!) from someone who thought of you ahead of time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got to talk to him plenty on Valentine’s day which totally made my day.

* My sister is doing well, the one that was with that loser. She is definitely moving on and she found a job, started today, and already has a used car she is buying since she has to drive to get to work. I’m so glad she’s pushing forward and she seems so happier for it!! I’m very proud of her. She has started a blog, I might link to her blog from here, I’ll have to talk to her about it.

* Including Friday, 6 more days of work at the hospital! I can’t wait!!!

* I talked to my mom today (Thursday). The cell service Boyjam got me as an early Valentine’s day present is Cingular, and my mom happens to have Cingular, so we can talk for free, it was nice being able to call her in the middle of the week. We talked for about an hour, about all kinds of stuff, including Boyjam. She is so happy that I’m happy. She said she can hear how happy I am about this guy and she can’t wait to meet the guy who is making me smile so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

* Ian’s doing well. They had a late Valentine’s day party at school because of the snow and school closings, but they don’t care when a party happens, as long as it happens, haha. I’m so glad he’s not been sick here in the past 2 weeks, haha. I gave him his Valentine’s of the chocolate that is in the shape of I “heart” U and he said thanks mom, I love valentine’s cause you get chocolate. Then as an afterthought, I love you too came out of him, hehe.

* I told the daycare that Ian’s last after-school day will be next Friday the 23rd. They all keep telling me to bring him back in to visit, that they will miss him so much. The owner who also works it even said that during the summer she does something for the kids like movie trips or bowling, and sometimes sleep-overs, so the parents can get out and do something on a friday or Saturday night….she said even though Ian won’t be going regularly, that he is welcome to come to the summer sleep-overs, or whatever activities that they have. During the summer, I might send him to daycare a few days so he will have someone to play with while I’m working…assuming I’m still here in the summer….hehe.

Ok, I better get off here. Pray that I don’t lose all my pictures that I procrastinated on backing up for the last year since I started working 2 jobs….and pray that my grandparents recover and are able to get out soon and go home.


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