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February 23, 2007


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First of all, I bought a laptop! My computer crashed last week and it has been a LOOOOONG week without one, and so I bought a laptop because I need my computer for the at-home job.


Today is the last day of my hospital job, the last day of almost an hour drive one way to work, last day of dealing with mean lady, last day of office drama, last day of only seeing my kiddo for 2-3 hours a day…..I’M SO EXCITED!

I’d been sick the past 2 days, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it a whole day today, I figured it was bad form to miss THE last day. Besides, I have to clean out my desk, too.

Anyway, so a new schedule which means things will still be a tad bit hectic for a week or two.

I haven’t talked to Boyjam very much in the last week and its made me realize how much this phone or e-mail is our only communication, and how easy that can be taken away from me. He had car troubles and locked his phone in the car when it got towed, had phone troubles, and now he started a new job and our schedules will take a little getting used to. We’ll be fine, so no worries.

Ian is EXCITED to have me back at home starting Monday. EVERY DAY he asks me if today is my last day at the hospital, haha, too cute. I’m glad he’s excited, afterall, HE is the main reason I’m doing this!

Anyway, so wish me luck on my last day! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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