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February 27, 2007

Started the new job

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I’ve had one issue after another, lol…first you all know my computer crashed and so I had to buy a new one. I purchased a laptop thinking that would be easier….well its turned out to be more of a pain in the ASS because seems all the new stuff comes out with Windows Vista…which my work software is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH. So, thankfully I have access to another desktop that has Windows XP and its OK in that department, but sheesh, what a hassel it was to find that out.

So, yesterday was my first day of working at home full time. I was done at 1 pm….I had to go fax something for the new at-home job, so I went and did that, and then I had an hour before I had to pick Ian up….I had NO IDEA what to do with myself! So, I went window shopping…

I picked up Ian and we came home, and he said “its cool that I’m a walker now”…that’s what the elementary school calls the kids who don’t ride the bus.

He and I made dinner together, sorta….haha.

We ate dinner together, it was a nice relaxing evening. I even got to hear from my man Boyjam who called as I was making dinner. I did laundry, I did dishes….it was nice to be able to take my time and do things!

On Saturday I took Ian to the mall out of boredom. We were supposed to go see my grandpa, but my parents were going somewhere Friday, and my car won’t make the 2 hour drive. So with no other plans, we had a lazy day on Saturday. We went to the mall, first driving by Stone Cold Creamery which is new and we hadn’t been there before, after that I saw a sign for a new scrapbook store, so of course I stopped in. Then we headed to the mall, I ended up making an appointment at a place nearby to get my hair cut, had an hour and a half to kill so we went to the mall, ate some fast food, he played at the kids play area, then I got my hair cut, then we found a photobooth. I haven’t been in one of these in YEARS, so of course Ian sees someone else use it and wants to do it, and this was us on Saturday night….

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My sweetie just called, so I’m going to go!!



  1. Hey D! Looks like the two of you were having a good time. 🙂 Glad the new job is coming along ok for you. You would think the company you work for would have some it help to work with issues caused by vista as new machines will be preloaded with it.

    Comment by ~art — February 28, 2007 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

  2. Hey Art! Glad to see you’re still around! My work said they are working on it, but it will be a few MONTHS before they have all the bugs worked out….you’d think they would’ve told the new people just in case….they already let the current workers know that its not compatible so try to avoid upgrading if possible or whatever….but didn’t say anything to me about it. At least I was able to work on an older desktop I have thanks to my dad fixing computers on his spare time!

    Comment by Diana — March 1, 2007 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

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