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March 31, 2007

Man, been a while….

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Yep, its again been about a week since I blogged last I think? Where the hell does the time go?

So, catching up, here’s the 411 on my exciting **cough-cough-bullshit-cough-cough** life….

I TOTALLY flaked on all the SPFs and WBW and HNT stuff this week….gotta get on the ball about that, hehe.

Ian’s soccer has started. I’m SO GRATEFUL to have these at-home jobs! I’m able to take Ian to practices, and actually started talking to a few of the other “moms”, so its nice that I’m being social again.

I got to volunteer at Ian’s school, it was fun. Ian’s teacher was the organizer, their school had a book-a-thon and the entire school (grades K, 1st and 2nd is in one school, then grades 3, 4, 5, 6 in another elementary school – small town, small buildings)…read over 11,0000 books in 1 week. So, they had a celebration on Monday, which I was able to volunteer for. Ian thought it was so cool, he kept bringing his friends over to meet me, so fun. I heard a lot of “Hi Ian’s mom” from fellow soccer and T-ball team mates, so it was fun, hehe. They had ice cream and got fun sunglasses and got to sing and dance for about 40 minutes and then they got to go home. It was a BLAST…loud and busy, but still fun. It was on a day that I was not having a good morning between work and personal life, so to get into that situation with all the kids, talk about making my day sunny.

My grandpa is home from the hospital and rehab. My dad said his breathing is still very hard, has to stop to catch his breath after walking about 25 yards, but he still wants to go do things, just has to rest more in between. That’s grandpa, push push push. I gotta go see him soon.

My car is DYING, I’m not sure what is wrong with it. My dad knows about as much about cars as I know. There is a friend who knows about cars, but he lives about 20 minutes away and my car is barely wanting to take Ian to school let alone to practice which is 10 minutes outside of town, so not sure it will make it to my friend’s house, and the stuff he would need to check it out is not stuff he can just drag here to town, lol. We’ll see what happens.

Hmmm…what else….oh yeah, I started decluttering, but man oh man, do I get overwhelmed. Especially now that I’m home on my time off, I want to get OUT of the house and enjoy the SUNSHINE that we had. Of course, today (Saturday) when I’m off work..it rains, haha. Go figure.

My long distance relationship….well, its not going so good. James is apparently a workaholic. He admitted to me before he started this job that he doesn’t do more than 1 thing well at a time. His own buddy also mentioned that he’s “a neurotic little fucker” about this job. Its to the point where he works all day, and then he doesn’t do much else apparently? He doesn’t like his phone and rarely talks to anyone but his kids. So, given that he and I are 2300+ miles away, well lets just say it makes for a WTF type of situation. Its like, are we or are we not in a relationship? So, its hurtful, very much so at times, but I guess its good I’m seeing this now before I up and take my kid cross country for someone. Its only been a little over a month and its only been bad about the last 2 weeks off and on, so I’m not sure where it will end up, but I know I can’t do this for another 3 more months. So, we’ll see. I hope we can make it through, I hope its just a rough patch, but in talking to several people….well it puts more thought into my head as to what I should do versus what I want to do. Its hard to decide when your heart and head fight so much. In the meantime, I’ve decided I’m going to keep myself busy and if it ends, at least I know it wasn’t because I didn’t try, because he even admitted that no one has ever “chased” so hard, which baffles me because chasing to me means trying to get someone, while “holding on” would be more appropriate, but whatever. I just know that I show him how I feel, and its not being returned, and a girl will only take so much hurt before she can’t deal with it anymore. I hope for the best, but I just don’t know what will happen.

So, I’ve started keeping myself busy. I’m starting to eat better, getting ready for Hawaii (which is, SHIT, ONLY LESS THAN 4 MONTHS AWAY, SHIT!!) Where did the time go? So much for the weight loss I hoped to have, but I still have time to at least try to feel better in a swimsuit. I went to try on swimsuits a few days ago and OMIGOSH, if I could cuss in any more languages, totally would have, haha. But, I actually found one that didn’t make me look like a beached whale, and actually made me look like i have curves (the good kind, lol) and it didn’t make the twins feel like they were about to fall out. I might go back and get that one…

Money…freaking hate money. This new at-home job has been tightening my budget, but at least I don’t have the gas and daycare to worry about, so it should even out and soon I’ll get into the swing of things.

I hope, haha.

I hung out with my friend Eric last night. I haven’t seen him more than a few times in the last few years. We live in the same town, but we aren’t the hang out in public type of friends, usually we will run into each other in town and chat or chat it up on the phone, and only occasionally hang in person. So, it was nice to have a visitor and just talk about shit. He talked about his ex-wife and that drama with their custody issues, we talked about my ex’s gf being pregnant, we talked about me and James, and we talked about our kiddos, what we’ve been doing for the past however long since we’ve ran into each other last, etc. He works with my step-mom, so I get to hear about her bitching and moaning, haha. Shit, I should’ve asked HIM if he knows anything about cars, lol.

What else???? Not much I suppose. I don’t get online much anymore. My two jobs and Ian and his sports/school keep me busy, and I try to get away from the computer when I’m done working so that I can enjoy my life. It keeps me sane damn it.

Ian and I played PS2 a few times in the last week. He told me “mom, you’re getting good at this” and he was all proud and shit, hahaha. He rocks.

My baby sister (OK, she’s 19) has a new boyfriend, and we get to meet him tomorrow (Sunday), so we’ll see how that goes, lol. She seems happy with him, so that’s cool. He was near her when I called and she said he’s excited to meet me, well yeah, who the hell isn’t? JK lol….but so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know if she’s still gonna join the Army, lol. I don’t think she will.

I talked to my friend Willie. We don’t talk as much as we once did, but in the beginning (almost 2 years ago) it was more because we had 20 years of our lives to catch up on, but we stopped talking so much because his wife hates me for some reason, so to respect her, we cut out conversations to once in a great while. But, its still nice to talk to him, catch up on each other’s lives in the months that go by without conversation. So, that was cool.

My friend Mike in Michigan has a girlfriend. I didn’t know and I called him up one day, then the next day he said he was sorry he didnt answer the phone, but that his gf was right next to him. So, of COURSE I was like, ummm, we obviously haven’t talked in a while because I didn’t know you had a gf, and he was like, yeah since September….damn, lol. So, happy for him.

One thing is obvious, when men are your main circle of friends, when they are in relationships, whew, lol, your circle gets a lot smaller for talking or hanging out, lol.

Well, I think that’s it, a lot of babbling, nothing much going on. I will leave you with this….

the house we’re renting in Hawaii for 2 weeks….I’m soooooo gonna be ready for this vacation!! Da Pink House On Da Beach

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Have a drink for me! Get some for me, too, cause this girl is still being good (damn it! shit! fuck! well, no, not fuck, cause, well..cause I’m supposed to be in a long distance relationship or something)hahaha…..


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