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April 11, 2007

WCW and catching up

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Wild Card Wednesday, as hosted by The Kept Woman on my sidebar….

This week’s Wild Card Wednesday is a stretch, but I’m gonna go for it…the 5 W’s we learned in school about story telling…all in 1 shot…I’ll explain below the picture…hehe…

This photo is from Ian’s T-ball practice yesterday. The coach was showing the kids how to throw the ball properly, and so here we go with the 5 W’s:

WHO is Ian listening to? Not the coach!
“WHAT is she doing?” That’s probably the question on that girl Molly’s mind. I know her name is Molly, her name tag says so.
WHEN did Ian lose interest in the coach? About 2 seconds into this demonstration.
WHERE was Ian’s attention? On the kids who were having more fun rolling down the side of the hill next to the ball field, I’m pretty sure he would’ve much rather been doing that.
WHY was he not paying attention? Well, I asked him, and he said “because I already know all this stuff, remember I played already.” Oh, so sorry Sir! lol.

Ok, I know, I know, that was TOTALLY a stretch, but I had to try, lol.

So, yeah, Ian’s first T-ball practice was today, he was excited. He had soccer on Monday, but we didn’t go because he’s fighting the sniffles and it was 33 degrees and windy, I don’t think so. He has soccer again tomorrow, and T-ball on Friday…fun fun fun.

Easter was OK. It started off great, Ian and I did the easter egg hunt thing, we relaxedand had a nice afternoon. Dad called and asked if we wanted to see that Meet the Robinsons. He said he called the movie place and it didn’t say it was closed, just had the times for the movies, which one was at 2 pm on Sunday, so we went…and they were CLOSED. It was not too bad of a drive for us, but still 20 minutes out of town for a closed place. The time on the window said 7 pm for the movie, but the time in the newspaper and on the answering machine said 2 pm. Nice, right? So, we ended up going to stupid Wal-Mart so we didn’t have a completely wasted trip (at least, to my step-mom, ugh, I hate walking around a store when I have no need to be in there), so that wasted a good hour or so. Then we headed to dad’s place. My uncle and his wife showed up, they were driving back to Ohio from visiting my grandpa, and thought they’d say hey, we just got home, so we hung out with them. Then decided to find a place open for dinner and went to eat. On the way is when things started getting blah…my step-mom started an argument, as usual, about stupid stuff, then again in front of everyone she decided to bug about Ian’s behavior at school, apparently “someone” told her that Ian is being “really bad” at school. I have not yet received a note from the teacher as to what this behavior could have been, but according to my step-mom I should’ve gotten plenty of notes by now…nope, and she was all “really?” like she didn’t believe me. They have a color code system to let you know your child’s behavior, and he wasn’t the best in the last 2-1/2 weeks, but I also never got a note home. She said “That’s not what I heard” when Ian told her it was for talking, which the kid does talk a lot. I said “well, what did you hear and who did you hear it from?” and she said “its a small town, people talk” and I said “well, what is it?” and she said “I’m not gonna say”….wtf????? So, if its something that the teacher hasn’t bothered to write a note about, but its bad enough that other people who I don’t know are talking about it to the step-mom…why would she NOT want to tell me so I could do something about the behavior? That’s how she is. SHe has gotten bitter and mean as she got older. She still does a lot of stuff, but man she has turned into one of those people that have nothing better to do than become a busy-body and talk about other people in town. Bah, so the fact she did this in front of EVERYONE pissed me off…and then we get home and all that, see, I don’t let her know that she pissed me off. I refuse to give her the satisfaction, so I just stewed in my head and instead talked to everyone but her that evening. So, got home, it was too late to go back to work like I told her I had to do. (Oh yeah, did I mention she then guilt-tripped me into going to dinner in front of the uncle/aunt, KNOWING that I had to go to work that evening?). So, I get home, its already freaking 9:30, so I was frustrated, put Ian to bed, I took a nice HOT shower to relax and went to bed. I also hadn’t heard from James who promised to call, but I figured with the Holiday and all, he was probably bummed because he wasn’t with his kids. Anyway, so I woke up Monday morning to a sad e-mail about someone I knew from high school and college who died after battling lymphatic cancer. I didn’t even know he was sick. He was 43. It was such a shock…this person was always so happy, giving, worked hard, was encouraging and just a nice and fun person to be around, lots of laughs and always willing to lend a hand. It was so sad to hear, and a shock.

So, needless to say, my easter and Monday were not great ones. I eventually got to talk to James in the afternoon and had a huge misunderstanding on my part, my emotions are on HIGH LEVEL – RED ALERT from the past couple of days. James and I talked yesterday afternoon some and cleared up that misunderstanding, and well, for now I’m ok in that department, not gonna let step-mom’s drama get to me, but I am going to leave a note for the teacher to please let me know about Ian’s behavior as there are apparently volunteers going to my step-mom and telling her things about Ian, and I think I need to be informed if his behavior is bad enough that people are going to her about it, but the last time he had really bad behavior, she did send a note, so I’m pretty sure its just stupid small-ass town gossip (one thing I will NEVER get used to here!!!) and I’m still in shock about Greg’s passing….I am going to see if Ican’t find my pics with him in them and post…just for paying respects and all. Now, mind you, we werne’t CLOSE or anything, but he was just a good, nice, hard-working, respectful and fun person ,and all my memories with him in them are full of smiles and encouragement and he was always fun to talk to. He never married, never had kids…and its just such a shock since I never knew he was sick in the first place.

Anyway, aside from that, things are starting to look up again. I’m not sure what will happen with James….I’m still in this long distance relationship, still hanging on and hoping that he will, too. He has made efforts to talk to me more often and its made me happier than he knows, so I just hope that we can do this and make it till we can see each other again. The hardest part is not knowing when that will be…with the stuff he’s going through, he can’t say for sure when that will be, so for now I’ll just hang in there and hope that all this waiting will be worth it for me. For now I’m just going to try to enjoy the ride and not put too much pressure on anything more, and just hope it comes out great in the end. I’m a romantic, damn it….I can still hope.

Blah blah blah, right? hahaha



  1. That’s a great pic! I love the 5 w’s.

    33 degrees? Don’t they cancel practice when it’s that cold? Our soccer coach told us if it’s below 50 we shouldn’t come.

    I played too.

    Comment by Jana — April 11, 2007 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

  2. I would definately send a note to the teacher so that she knows aids are talking when they shouldn’t be and maybe can put a stop to it. I can’t believe your step-mom! I luvked out in the step-parent department, mine are both great!

    I played too!

    Comment by Wendy — April 11, 2007 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

  3. Very creative using the “w”s!!!! Heaps o’ Bonus Points!

    Cute picture…I would have been Ian inthat shot too. Rolling down a hill is much more fun that talking about a ball.

    Comment by The Kept Woman — April 11, 2007 @ 6:18 pm | Reply

  4. Great play of Ws!

    Comment by Kami — April 11, 2007 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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