Diana Banana Pancakes

May 3, 2007

sharing some pics….

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My mom sent some stuff for Boy’s Day (Kodomo no hi) which is a Japanese celebration, and yes, they have a Girl’s Day, too, which is next month. Every year mom sends the koi fish flags or socks which you are supposed to fly one for each male child in the family. She sent a shirt, along with a book about Boy’s Day and Girl’s Day for Ian to learn about it, and she sent this fun candy for Ian…isn’t it the coolest? Its a sushi bento box and the white stuff is supposed to be rice, the rest is sushi, and its all made out of the same stuff they use to make Rock Candy….so fun!
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Ian’s brought home these three things from school, the grass is from part of a learning thing about growing plants, and the plantar and the frame are celebrating mother’s day…
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Ian also got student of the month for April. He didn’t even know till I pulled this out of his backpack, he was so happy.
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Just some random shots of Ian that I happen to love, the one where I cut off his head was a total fluke, but for some reason I really love it…
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lastly, there are a lot of things going on in my life right now: car dying, working long hours for shit pay, Ian’s 2 sports, an ex-husband who keeps disappointing his kid again by not making a point to see him (did I mention he told Ian he’d come see him and didn’t even bother to CALL HIM on his birthday??), boyfriend and I broke up (though he says he doesn’t want to say he’s breaking up with me, because he’s worried to hang on, and worried to let go, don’t worry, I know his reasons, just sad about that), trying to save money for this trip to Hawaii coming up in less than 3 months, but as soon as I think I have something worked out, something else happens that I need money for, doesn’t it always work that way? Anyway, so I’m gonna disappear for a few days.

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I actually took today OFF WORK because I just needed to RECHARGE. I’ve worked every day except 3 for the last 2 months….EVERY DAY except 3, so I am feeling burned out, exhausted, and I just needed to recharge, so I did it, took a personal day. What did I do? I had plans to do this and that around the apartment…but instead…I’m being lazy. I just dont want to do anything except hole up in my apartment with chocolate milk, some funny movies so I’m not any more sad, and just be alone for a while. I’d like to escape, but that’s not gonna happen either, lol. When I get Ian from school, we’ll play some PS2 before his T-ball game, but for now, for a little bit more, I’m going to be in solitude and just relax. I’m not even gonna wear a bra!!! So…shhhh…I’m going into hiding….for now. I should be back on Monday, hopefully rejuvinated, hopefully recharged, and hopefully ready to start my week on an upbeat note. Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe.


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  1. Awww, great pictures Diana.

    Looks like Ian is doing everything right, super cool!

    Hope everything is well with you girl….

    Comment by Slick — May 9, 2007 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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