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May 21, 2007

my weekend….

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Well, the weekend was hectic and busy, but I took 1 day off…I didn’t intend to, but in the moment decided to. The weather was PERFECT for most of the weekend, Saturday was about 75 dg, nice and sunny, beautiful blue sky, a few white clouds dotting the sky, and a great breeze blowing….PERFECT weather…loved it.

I was planning to work on Saturday and Sunday, instead took Saturday off. Ian had a soccer game at 11:30, then a T-ball at 1 pm, then we had to go to the city. Dad left me his truck so I could use it if I needed or wanted…I wanted. I hate being “stuck” some place, and with my car dying and barely able to putt around town, I was glad for dad’s truck and the ability to get away for a bit. So, after Ian’s T-ball game, we hit the road for the city. Originally the plan was to pack up the stuff that didn’t sell at the yard sale and take it to the salvation army in the next city over (don’t have one here in small town USA)….but wouldn’t you know it, I FORGOT TO PACK IT IN THE TRUCK! ugh, lol. That shows you how desperate I was to get the heck out of town, get out of my apartment, go for a drive on a beautiful day!

Anyway, so Ian and I headed to the city (minus the boxes/bags for salvation army, grrr) and went window shopping for some things we’ll need for Hawaii, just to get an idea of what things will cost so I know how much I have to make on top of spending money. Ian had some more b-day money burning a hole in his pocket, haha, so we hit the game store that also sells used PS2 games (among others) and Ian picked up a Star Wars game, and then we did some window shopping for luggage for Ian, swim suits, etc. I BOUGHT A SWIM SUIT. Its not the greatest looking thing in the world, but it doesn’t make all my sexy rolls show, and it wasn’t so big I look like I’m just wearing an over-sized top, and I’m not completely grossed out at myself when I looked in the mirror, lol, and my boobs aren’t gonna fall out of them, AND it was on sale, so I bought it, damn it. I hated trying on swim suits…bleh. I never liked it even when I was thinner back in the day, ha! My body size, I’m much bigger on top than in the waist area. The ones that were “separates” didn’t have either a top or a bottom in my size I needed, if I found a top that fit good, there was NO BOTTOMS to match, or vice versa, and the 1 pieces, if it fit great in the waist/pooch area, the boobs area was so tight it looked like I had 4 boobs or something, but if I found one that fit the top great, it literally looked like I was wearing a robe on the bottom it was too big, also I’m short and so the 1 pieces looked like I had a bunch of extra material in the torso, OR the worst part, when I turned around to see the “rear view” in the ones that fit the top part great…it looked like I had pooped my pants there was so much extra material…ugh! So, I found one that was good on the top, but the bottom is one of those skirt things, and I didn’t care for the bottom, but it was on sale and I am gonna make it work damn it! lol….anyway, so that’s out of the way, hahaha….

While in the city, Ian saw the movie theater and decided he wanted to pay for me and him to see a movie, he said “its mommy and Ian day” and so how could I turn that down? I didn’t really let him pay, haha, but he thought so, I slipped one of my 20s in his wallet and he used a 20 out of his wallet to pay, lol. So, we watched Shrek 3, which was ok, but he had a blast and at the end as people were leaving (it wasn’t very busy at all) he started dancing to the exiting music, haha…clown.

By the time we came home from our day in the city, it was nearly 11 pm and we just went straight to bed (with Ian falling asleep on the drive home, haha).

Then sunday was lazy day for Ian, and I had to work. we fed dad’s pets as they went out of town. Dad called when they got home last night to say they were home, and that Grandpa is in the hospital…again. See, last weekend Grandma Betty was in the hospital and Grandpa was home, we visited Grandpa and aside from his weight being about 30 pounds less, he was still grandpa, only with constant oxygen for breathing. Well, they said they went to see him Saturday on their way through his town to where they were going. Dad said aside from grandpa saying his chest was tight, he seemed fine, then later that night they got a call on their cell that my dad’s sister had to take Grandpa to the ER, the put him in CCU because his blood tests shown that he “may have” had a small heart attack, just based on his blood, but the main reason they took him in was they thing he may also be developing pneumonia, with the weather here changing and him not in the best of health, its feasible. Grandma betty is now OUT of the hospital and in a rehab place before she goes home.

So, more worrying in that department.

I told my sister because she never hears anything. She said she wishes she could go see grandpa. Before she took this promotion she had hoped to make it out here in November or something, so I’m hoping she is able to get even a few days off work around a weekend and be able to come here for a visit…he’s not getting any younger.

On a positive note again, my mom called on Sunday. She calls every Sunday, and we were talking about Hawaii. She’s counting down like me, haha….she’s just as excited, of course, and told me to be warned that she is gonna spoil Ian (only grandchild) and I said “ok, but the stuff has to fit in my suitcase on the way home, mom, and it can only weigh 50 pounds, so if it weighs more, I can’t afford to ship it home, yougotta do that yourself” haha. she said that’s fine by her, haha.

So, still excited about Hawaii…OF COURSE!

Remember me talking about Flatwoods a while back? Well, he is added to my myspace friends yesterday, asked how I was doing and blah blah blah…said he’d like to take me out on a real date some time, we never got to have that date we wanted, he said he’d like to take me out “cause you’re a cool chick.” Huh….but, I honestly don’t even want to think about going on a date with anyone…I’m just not into that idea right now, and especially not with someone who cancelled last minute last time, lol. This girl rarely gets free time without Ian around, so I’m not willing to waste another free night on someone who bailed out last minute once already. Honestly, I just am not ready to get into dating yet…I still am just still all confused about the whole James thing. Not to say I will never date again, lol, just not yet. But, when that Flatwoods guy mentioned that…first thing I thought was James….**sigh**. Oh, and the reason Flatwoods cancelled on me last time…he wasn’t over his ex and wasn’t ready….ha. I must attract guys who aren’t ready to date, or are deadbeats…seems to be my problem, haha.

well, off to work, be good…yo!
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  1. Sounds like a busy Saturday for “taking off work”.

    Glad the weather was good for you and you enjoyed the day.

    My thoughts are with grandpa and grandma

    Comment by Slick — May 21, 2007 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

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