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May 30, 2007

SO much going on!

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Well, first off, I’ve reduced my hours at my full time job…not by my choice. Its hopefully a blessing in disguise, less hours, less STRESS. Between both jobs I still have a full time job, so lets pray this works out better for me and my stress level as well!

Grandpa had his bone scan…its what I worried about…he has cancer metastasized to his spine….he is now officially depressed and saying this is the end and all that. The bone scan was done to try to find out why he was losing weight so fast. Everyone hoped it was because of anxiety and worry and not eating right because he’s having problems breathing, but according to my cousin who is a nurse and has been helping with his care when he is home, the blood tests were normal, so they did a bone scan as a way to find out. They found the cancer, and we’ll see how that goes. Grandpa is STILL in the hospital, he has pneumonia in both lungs. I’m worried like crazy over him, but what can I do.

Grandma Betty, his wife, is out of the rehab place. They did as much as they could for her but apparently she won’t do much exercising on her own. It takes 2 people to lift her, they have to care for her night and day. She gets mad because people can’t be there all the time, its be taxing on the family because they are trying to also spend as much time as possible in the hospital with grandpa, who is also giving guilt trips. I know they are scared and need people there….but the family there is saying they are at their wits end with Betty. She has her own kids who are in town, she wont exercise like she needs to, and she isn’t getting better either. There is a long history with Betty, just so I don’t sound too bitter, she has had diabetes for YEARS and has never taken care of herself, no matter how many times people cook for her and other things, she still does her own thing and then complains that her health is failing. People in our family have gone to stay with her and help her, and instead she just complains about what they aren’t doing, this has been going on for YEARS and years, since I can remember being a teenager and visiting, she is always making you feel like you aren’t doing enough or things like that….so right now dad’s family is trying to deal with grandpa and trying to deal with Betty, plus take care of their own families. Its scary all around for me.

My car is in the shop and still haven’t heard yet what it will cost to fix or if its fixable….but of course it was there over Memorial day weekend, so I’m assuming that’s why the delay, we’ll see.

I’ve been looking up Hawaii stuff online and trying to figureout a budget…there is NO WAY I can afford to rent a car while there, but they have an excellent bus system and my mom offered me to be able to use her car if I need to, so we’ll see how it all goes. There are a lot of things that cost way more now than they did the last time I was in Hawaii, so we’ll see what I can spend money on or not….yikes!

Sports are winding down, thank goodness! Ian’s last soccer game is on Saturday and his last T-ball game is next week…and school also gets out next week…so after taht is me and Ian full time all day. The local pool opens SUPPOSEDLY this weekend (they already postponed the opening once, lets see how it goes this weekend). I pray they will be able to have swim lessons, if not I’ll try the best I can with Ian…any tips from anyone? lol…he isn’t afraid to put his face in the water, and he has a snorkle mask and breathing tube he uses in the bathtub sometimes, lol….so he’s definitely not afraid to get into the water, and he’s been to a big pool, just need to teach him to actually SWIM….I’ve heard it helps to get a kick board, and of course I have floaties for his arms, but other suggestions?

Ok, lastly, parting with a shot to keep my mind at least and for something to look forward to….BLACK SAND BEACH on The Big Island of Hawaii…this was me in summer of 1989, a Junior in high school…this was the last family vacation we took with me, my dad/stepmom, my sister Bobbi (who is unable to go with us to Hawaii this year due to a new job and not being able to get the time off, wahhhh!) and my half-sister Amanda who at the time was almost 2 years old….ahhhh….can’t wait….
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