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June 11, 2007

Updated because it was depressing…

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My blog seems depressing lately, damn that ex-bf, the ex-husband and my work! I shall prevail! lol….

So, aside from missing Ian terribly and my car being a mystery and they can’t find out what’s wrong with it, other things are looking up….


* I finally got to talk to Ian yesterday! I’ve called him since he’s left and they are always busy or Ian is asleep. Ian is having “fun” so he hasn’t spent much time asking about mom. Its also only been 3 nights, 2 days….which equals the longest time he’s ever stayed there. I am glad he’s having fun, though…but it was great to hear his voice and he talked and talked to me, hehe.

* TODAY work is finally starting to pick up, actually it started yesterday, but so far so good today. So, pray it continues to pick up!!

* I have a friend here who, as a hobby, buys cars, fixes them up and resells them. He told me he will keep a lookout for a good little family car for me and if I’m interested, he’ll buy it and fix it and just charge me a little and even work with me on getting that taken care of. He knows my money situation, and he said “You need a car Diana” so he said take his help.

* My friend Christine has been good to me, she has helped cheer me up, and when I start to feel down about the ex-bf, she gets on me about it, hehe. Its helped. Bekah and Art have helped in the “advice and encouragement” department. Based on my friend’s advice and encouragement, James is so missing out and doesn’t even know it. Ha! His loss…lol. 🙂

* I’ve gotten some things done around the apartment while Ian has been gone. Not a lot, but enough that I’m starting to feel good and like this place can look decent before we leave for Hawaii. I’d like to get Ian’s room done before he gets home in 2 more weeks, omigosh what a DISASTER AREA! I have to take apic of it as it is right now, which is worse than when he left because all the toys that were in my room or the living room have literally been “flung” into his room until I get around to dealing with it, lol.

* Still slowly but surely losing weight. Here’s my weight-loss blog… http://dlgbworkingonme.blogspot.com/

* GRANDPA is out of the hospital and back home! I couldn’t go see them because I had to work this weekend, but my dad went and said Grandpa looks great and isn’t seeming depressed like he did when he first found out his cancer is back. Dad said he’s gained a little weight and his color looks great….so that is definitely great news to me!

Well, these things above are evening-out the blah facts at the top, lol. Things are slowly starting to look up…if my work load can continue to grow then I will be a happy camper!! and of course, as soon as Ian gets back, I’ll be complete again. I miss my baby!

Oh, and this guy here, I forgot to say what movie he was in:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
He was in The Dark Crystal, the pet of one of the main characters, no I dont remember anyone’s names, just the movie in general, which I have somewhere in this apartment a DVD of this movie…lol.

Why do I LOVE the theme song from Hawaii Five-O? lol…its on my player on the sidebar, hahaha….

Here’s a video of Ian from his last game this past Thursday…this was his last hit, and my dad had just got done telling Ian “Hit it to the fence!” and sure enough, he did! Sorry for the crappy video, hope you don’t get dizzy, haha…


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