Diana Banana Pancakes

June 12, 2007

Oh SHIT! (warning – its GROSS)

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Ugh….so lonely Diana is bored, no work this morning, and so I figured I’ll let my dog in. He’s old, he’s a siberian husky. He’s black and white with blue eyes….he’s almost 11 years old. He has been an outside dog since the ex took him after the separation, before that he was an inside/outside pet. Since being with me over 2 years ago, he stays outside in our apartment unless I bring him in, which isn’t very often because we have a small apartment and even though he’s old, he likes to run a lot and knocks Ian around.

So, he stays outside in our little partially fenced in area. He has a cement patio where his dog house is, some grassy area to the side of that, and the shade of a tree right outside the other side of the fence, most of the tree covers the patio cemented area.

So, I let him in, he seems fine, I sit on the computer and he’s in here with me, eating his snack I gave him, then I try to take a pic of him which doesn’t happen because I snapped once, the flash I guess scared him, lol and he ran out of my room. He didn’t come back in so I figured I’d go out and take a pic of him in the living room, only to find THIS INSTEAD in the living room right out of the hallway to the room, with him hiding in the dining room under the table….

So, even my dog wants to shit on my day. lol…..if I don’t laugh, I’ll go insane from the past couple of months I’ve been having, lol.

So, any friggin clue how to get LOOSE dog shit off my carpet without me becoming nauseous enough to make it worse….if you catch my drift?

He was maybe 3 feet from the linoleum floor in the dining room, why couldn’t he let loose there? sheesh…..well, today is starting off to be a FUN DAY…ugh


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