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June 15, 2007


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Six weeks from tomorrow and Ian, myself and my sister Amanda will be on a plane to HAWAII! I can’t wait….I’m probably going to have to work while there, which I don’t want to do, but at least I’ll still be in Hawaii instead of having to cancel, and I’ll only work part time hours. Ian will spend some time with my mom, so while they are spoiling him, it might be the perfect time for me to get some work in near a window overlooking the ocean….yum!

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Here are some things I’ve wanted to do with Ian….but pretty much it will depend on if my job/work holds up and I will be able to make enough money between now and then….here’s what I’m HOPING to do. A few things will be for sure because of the lower cost, lol:

Da Pink House on Da Beach

DEFINITELY GOING TO: These are places I used to go as a young kid and want to share that with Ian:
Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling, very calm waters so I can hold Ian up (he can’t swim yet) and we can just stand in the water and look into the water…the fish are right there!
Honolulu Zoo I hope there are some silly things still there that were there as I was a kid. I plan to go through my shots of me as a kid and see if I can find those things in the zoo and take pics of Ian there in those same places, teehee…
Dole Pinapple plantation – there is a HUGE maze there, and Ian wants to try it,lol.
Hike to the top of Diamond Head crater
Go to the North Shore, of course.

Waikiki Aquarium
Sea Life Park – kind of like Hawaii’s version of Sea World
Island hop to The Big Island and hike at the volcano national park as well as see the Black Sand Beaches in hawaii…
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There are also some nice historical museums, but I’m not sure Ian will be into that, so I may go by myself while Ian is spoiled by my mom and step-dad.

My friend Sal said he might try to come see me for a few days, I really really hope he can! It is so much more fun to do the sight-seeing with someone, and the stuff that Ian would be bored doing, Sal will love doing with me. We both love photography, so that would be just as grand.

Anyway, 6 weeks from tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane….I can’t wait! This is my focus, my light at the end of the tunnel from the past few months….spending time with my family, showing Ian the things I used to do as a young child his age when my dad was stationed in hawaii (we lived in Hawaii from when I was age 5 until age 8, so only 3 years, but he is 6 now, so he thinks its neat he’ll get to do some of the stuff I did as a kid).

Most of all, I can’t wait for Ian to see and be on his first REAL beach. We’ve already talked about he wants us to make a sand castle every day, haha…I can’t wait to share this with him!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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