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July 6, 2007

Just random stuff…..

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In case I haven’t mentioned before, I rarely watch TV anymore, and the times I seem to be able to, I have to do a few other things at the same time…or I end up only being able to catch re-runs that I’ve already seen. Nice right?

Well, last night I took a break as there was yet another storm to hit our area and I couldn’t work….so while watching TV, this commercial came on, and it CRACKED ME UP…the “shot” at the end, the look on the face is what just totally cracked me up….

Anyway…aside from that…I don’t know what I wrote last, lol. I finally found some suitcases that were affordable, light weight and seemed sturdy enough. I’ve only left to buy some batteries for Hawaii. Ian needs a haircut, but I’m trying to hold off till a bit sooner before we go. I need one as well, but I’m starting to get SICK, and with limited income/budget, I might have to break down and go see the doctor and get some antibiotics and without insurance, that won’t be cheap. I swear, some days I feel like I just can’t win.

Work is finally picking up…and we’ve had storm after storm so I STILL haven’t been able to work much. Its about to drive me INSANE.

Three weeks from tomorrow and I’ll be on a plane to Hawaii. I will have to work from Hawaii, but oh well, its only part time. We’ll pray that all works out, lol.

My grandpa is going in for heart catheterization today, please say a prayer or keep him in your thoughts today, thank you so much.

I have no idea if they are going to send my grandpa’s wife home or not…she weighs an excessive amount and doesn’t want to watch what she eats or exercise, so it takes 2 people to lift her. They can’t afford to hire 2 people to care for her 24 hours a day. She is still in the rehabilitation place, they say she is exercising and doing great….but now its just a matter of will they keep her in a place, or send her home. All that family health stuff has been stressful. So please say a prayer for her as well.

My mom is very anxious and excited about Hawaii, did I mention that? hehe…Oh yeah, and I GUESS I am too, since I’ve already started putting stuff aside for packing for Hawaii, lol.

Does anyone know how to keep a kid busy for 14 hrs in places that he can’t run around? We have a flight from Charleston, WV to Atlanta, GA…in Atlanta we have a 3-1/2 hr lay over…then a 9+ hr flight from Georgia to Hawaii…whew! I will pack Ian his gameboy, some crayons/pencils, paper/activity book (you know mazes, word searches, etc), coloring book (spiderman of course), I’ve loaded up some songs for him on my ipod as well as on my computer, some DVDs that we might be able to watch on the laptop if they have those special power outlets I’ve heard about, some books on tape, and a deck of cards (kid’s never learned to play go fish! Hello! lol)

Any other ideas?

I’ve been having “those days”….where I feel like I’m getting ahead in something, but other things are bringing me behind again…in most aspects of my life right now, and I’m so tired and frustrated. I’m so looking forward to hawaii, but at the same time dreading it as I won’t have much money to do much of anything…ugh. SERIOUSLY…no money.

I’m going to have to take my dog to my ex to watch him…my neighbors will not be able to watch my dog (feed/water) the last few days of our vacation because they are going out of town themselves…and I know no one else who can come over just to feed my animals. my ex volunteered since he’s an outside dog (my dog, not the ex, haha) and they already have 2 dogs they have to feed….I’m not sure I like the idea, but at this point, I truly cannot afford a kennel for 2 weeks, and the only other people who would normally watch my dog, will be gone on vacation with us, lol.

I have to drive my parents to the airport in 2 weeks…they are going to Hawaii a week before me, Ian and my sister Amanda….just because. So, I’m driving them, and we all are on the same flight coming home, so we will only have 1 van to pay for extended stay at the airport….my dad thinks of everything lol.

I hope I don’t get full-on sick…but I have a feeling its coming. My tonsils are sore and my ear on the right is starting to feel uncomfortable. Just figures, right? along with everything else that I feel like I’m making headway on…figure I’m starting to make more money….thinking more for hawaii spending, and then I’m getting sick…sheesh. I just know if my ear gets worse I’m going to have to get some antibiotics because no way am I going on a plane with an ear infection!

I still can’t wait to go, even if I have NO money….damn it….because the house we’re staying in has a beach and a pool, cable, and my mom is nearby…and damn it, I found a site about 101 free things to do in Oahu, lol….so damn it, WE WILL STILL HAVE FUN….even if it kills me lol.

101 free things to do on Oahu

and this one is $10 and under or FREE to do in Oahu, so darn it, I’m sure I can find something for Ian and I to do, and between my parents and step-parents, Ian will get to have experience overload in Hawaii, lol….I have no shame admitting I’m low on the spending budget damn it, lol….its not like I can completely help it at this point…everything was all worked out and saved until one thing, then another came into the picture. It truly is Murphy’s law type of thing, when you’re saving money for something, other things need the money instead. ugh, oh well. What can I do….

Anyway, work is here, so I better get moving. Have a great weekend everyone! Have a drink for me, lol.


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