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August 31, 2007

Still more Hawaii pics???? You have NO idea…

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You all should know, if I take 6 or so pics of BUG SHELLS….you KNOW I took a mad amount of pics in Hawaii…Hello!!!! lol…

Oh, FYI, found out those bugs in the pics below are Cicadas….at first I thought it was some sort of mass bug suicide outside my window as there were about 20 of those buggars (haha, bug…buggars….yeah its midnight and I’ve been up since 5 am after 4 hrs sleep, indulge me lol)… but no, they are in fact Cicadas. I don’t feel like making a link, you can google it.


Ok, so now back to the Hawaii pics….so I can extend my Hawaii reminiscing and wishful thinking….

There was a store there in Ala Moana Center called The Stupid Factory. The smart ass in me HAD to check out the store….LOVED IT…except they didn’t have anything that would fit over the twins….disappointment as one of the tanktops I was dying to get said “shake your coconuts” with a picture of a coconut strategically placed over each boob area…..yeah, well they didn’t come in my size. I don’t know what kind of coconuts they wanted people to shake, but I can say they weren’t as impressive as mine…hahahahaha, you know I’m joking right? (Sorta)….anyway, so instead I found these fun things that I had to purchase….

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FYI – Miso is a Japanese soup….

and this coin purse
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I also got myself and my sister a keychain that has two bottles of smiling soy sauce bottles and it says “I’m soy happy”….yeah, I love cheesy stuff like this, what can I say!

Ian liked a T that had a monster and it said “come to the dark side, we have cookies” and it has the monster holding cookies. There were many many more, you can find some items at this online store: David And Goliath Tees Its uber cheesy but fun.

Anyway, haha…..on to other pics….

Saw this driving to the Valley of the Temples, HAD to take a pic
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Sal and I decided to pick up my sister Amanda from “Da Pink House” and that was the day we went to the Byodo-In Temple (pics below in the other entry….)….well, on the way back to dropping Amanda and Ian off at Da Pink House, we stopped off at Sandy Beach…there were lots of black coral there, and some tide pools, so Amanda and Ian had a blast checking those out…
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here Amanda is showing Ian some snails she found in one of the tide pools, which she put on her hands and had them upside down for Ian to see them sticking to her hand, lol…
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Ian surfing on the rock, haha. He wanted to take surf lessons, but no place would teach under 8 years old….which is probably a good thing since Ian had just learned to swim this summer…
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Sunset behind Sandy Beach
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Dinner break – yes friggin McD’s lol…I tried to make a point to only eat at places that WERE NOT in West Virginia since I cannot purchase many of the ingredients needed for most of the food I love, but Ian was dying for some McD’s, so Sal gave in…(suckahhhhhh, hehe). My friend Sal, and my silly son Ian. Sal had one of those bluetooth things in his ear almost the whole time, and he has one of those blackberry things, which he calls his crackberry….total yuppie, lol.
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The next day the family went to the Big Island, which I had already been before, and so I stayed behind with Sal and we spent more time sight-seeing and beach hopping.
First, Sal at Nuuanu Pali Lookout
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Sal at Kailua Beach – hehe, he doesn’tknow I’m posting this pic muahahaha, lol. This was the one and only time he went into the ocean. We both went into the ocean, floating, swimming. He kept saying he wanted to go kayaking, and I kept saying “do you really?” and that I would go with him, but he kept saying “I don’t know” and we were there a good hour or two of him saying “I don’t know” and finally he decided he wanted to head to another beach. He kept saying he wanted to do something more interactive, but he wouldn’t decide if he wanted to go or not. I’ve never kayaked on the ocean before, would’ve been different. Last time I went kayaking I was in summer camp, it was on a lake, lol.
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Sal took my pic at Kailua Beach after we got back from swimming – not the greatest, ha.
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On the way back we stopped at this beach (which I already showed in a previous post, but I’m sharing again as it was on the same day trip). This I don’t even know the name of this small beach in a little cove, but they filmed a scene from “From Here To Eternity” there….and its also near the location of the Blow Hole, which I didn’t have any great pics from when Sal and I went there, but a few days later went with mom and Ian and those I’ll share later….
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My feet in the sand at Lanikai beach, which just a very short trip from Kailua beach…soft soft, powdery white sand…
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Oh, and those pigeons….yeah, they had sex right after I took this shot….what is it with these Hawaii animals having sex around me? First the two big turtles at the zoo, and then these pidgeons….Sal decided I must have very strong phermones…haha.

The last day Sal was here was spent shopping, he has a big family and shopped for them. We went to the International Market Place and during shopping we decided to stop here and grab a drink from the bar, there was a “live band” playing latin music so he wanted to stop in….the “live band” turned out to be 1 guy singing and playing guitar to background pre-recorded music. He was no longer singing latin music when we got in, haha, but we had our drink and goofed off and then left to finish shopping.
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Sal’s last day…he came on a Monday, left on Thursday…it was so great hanging out with him again as I hadn’t seen him in 3 years, which was the last time I visited California. It was fun and I hated to see him go, but hopefully I’ll get to California soon and visit my sister Bobbi, my dear friend Sal, and some other friends from my past….
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and with Sal’s departure, I will end this blog entry for now….more to come by Monday I’m sure! Have a safe weekend, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….wait….what wouldn’t I do again? hehe….Yeah, I’m in one of “those” moods.

Oh, that reminds me, I saw that eye-candy guy again today…lol. I totally got caught checking him out again…but, in my defense, he was looking first damn it, I just turned to pull out of the school parking lot after picking up Ian, and his car was coming into the parking lot. I stopped to see if any traffic was coming and there he was and he was looking at ME, so there! hahaha…. Anyway, its fun to me damn it lol. Have a safe weekend!


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