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September 10, 2007


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Finally! He’s 6 years old and is getting his first loose tooth. He is so anxious for it to come out he can hardly stand it. He’s constantly playing with it and going in the bathroom to look at it in the mirror while he wiggles it, haha. He also keeps brushing his teeth, telling me that he wants it “shiny when the tooth fairy gets it.” I told him it could be several days to several weeks before it finally falls out, and he said he doesn’t care, he’s still gonna keep it shiny, haha….

The weekend was busy but yet relaxing for a change. Ian had a soccer game on Saturday, and then he and I hung out, did some stuff around the house, played some PS2 and just had some good ME AND IAN time, took a nap together, took a walk together, just a good RELAXING day. We both needed it.

Ian’s first soccer game, he’s the shortest on the team…

Sunday I worked and just another usual day, but I didn’t work all day, took time off in the afternoon to do things with Ian and around the apartment, then when I put him to bed I worked more.

Ian called everyone to tell them about his loose tooth, all the grandparents and his dad. While on the phone with his dad, I talked to him about Halloween. Its “HIS” turn again, yet every time it’s been his turn, he has yet to buy Ian a costume. The first time it was his turn, he waited until 3 DAYS before Halloween to say he can’t afford a costume and won’t take him….so my step-mom took Ian for me while I was working, and took him to the city to try to find something 2 days before trick-or-treating. She couldn’t find anything he wanted in his size, but she found a Ninja outfit that was a couple of sizes too big, and she went home and stayed up late and hemmed it all up for him and it was done right before Halloween. She totally saved loser’s ass that time. Then next time that it was his time (every other year), he again didn’t get Ian a costume, but luckily my mom had it covered by sending me one last minute figuring he might pull that again. This year Ian wants to be Darth Vader and so I told Aaron that he needs to let me know if he can afford it before 2 weeks before Halloween, but I’m figuring it will be the same crap.

I hate it more doing the Halloween switching because my birthday is on Halloween. I HATE not having my son with me on my birthday. The one and only time Ian did go to his dad’s for Halloween, I was seeing Country Boy at that time, so he spent time with me as his ex had his son that time, so that was my consolation for not having Ian. However, in this state they don’t ALWAYS do trick-or-treating ON Halloween, sometimes its a few days before. This year Halloween is on a wednesday, so I’m praying he won’t get to take him. Bad and selfish, I know…but I don’t care. He had Ian on his birthday, its not my fault my birthday falls on Halloween.

This week is going to be busy with something going on every night except Friday and today. Today is school pics, hehe…can’t wait to see what those look like. Tomorrow night is the PTO meeting. I never went last year, I figured I would go this year and see what its all about. Wednesday is Ian’s first cub scout meeting which he’s excited about, though I told him its probably just more informational and meeting his fellow cub scouts this time around. Thursday is the school’s open house where we get to meet the teachers and the classroom and all that. Thursday is also his soccer practice. So, a busy week, all revolving around Ian. man, I remember the days when it was my extra curricular activities that kept me busy, hehe. No plans for this weekend other than Ian’s soccer game on Saturday.

OH YEAH, during that conversation with the ex, I told him that Ian has a soccer game every saturday between now and end of October, and the games are only at 2 time slots, either 9 or 10 am, so I told him if he wants to go, just call me and I’ll tell him the times. (He has yet to give me his mailing address, and has no e-mail). He said “Well, it would be too hard for me to drive down there on a saturday, watch a game, and then drive back in time for work.” and in the back of my mind I thought….here come the excuses again, which means Ian WILL NOT be seeing much of his dad at all….AGAIN. **sigh** We’ll see what happens. He always has an excuse to not show up to a game. Ian’s first year, he came to 2 soccer games, out of the fall and spring seasons…..and both were only because he was taking Ian for the weekend. He didn’t see any of Ian’s T-ball games until the LAST game of the season this past spring…which was Ian’s second season playing T-ball. He didn’t come to any soccer games last year, spring or fall. So, we’ll see how this year plays out. But, Ian has me, my dad, my step-mom who are regular cheer-leaders for his games (though I don’t think my dad wants to be called a cheerleader, haha) so at least he has us!!

Ok, back to work…hope everyone had a great and safe weekend.


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  1. That’s too cool!

    Comment by The Middle Child — September 10, 2007 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

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