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September 25, 2007


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Well, remember the guy I sorta got stood up by on Sunday? Well, he sent this to my IM late late last night. This was the first contact he’s made since saturday night when he said “I’ll be back ASAP” so we could finish making our plans for sunday….which never happened, he didn’t come back and so this is his IM to me that I found this morning when I logged on…

im sorry we didnt get to be together last sunday but my mother in south carolina had her back worked on last month and she fell saterday and i took off to south carolina its not you really and im sorry you think i stood you up but its the truth and if you like my mother even said she call you and tell you what happened but if you dont wish to be bothered by me im sorry for what its worth

So, I’m not sure what to think…sure, something really could’ve happened to his mom, and I replied with I’m sorry to hear about his mom and I hope she’s OK, but I know that if I was in his situation, if someone was waiting to hear from me and I wanted to meet that person as well, I would’ve called to let him know what was going on. But, that’s just me, I’m courteous that way. I told him I’m not bothered if he wants to keep talking, but that will be up to him.

If he does, we’ll see. If not, no worries either. Besides, I have eye candy to look at, and that’s a lot less drama than that haha.

Anyway, so on to eye candy, lol, I did it again, caught him looking at me, did a shy smile and looked away, only this time it looked like he was gonna wave hi before I looked away, lol….I’m so shy I can’t believe it. But, its innocent fun, just looking. No plans on talking to him, lol, just some flirting-from-a-distance fun for me.

ON TO IAN!!!!!! Ian had his first cub scout meeting last night, he’s excited. I’m counting the dollar signs, lol….cub scouts, uniforms, fund raisers, school pictures, soccer fees, soccer gear, soccer pictures….all this before end of October. Man if someone says I don’t love my kid and work my butt off for him, they have another thing coming.

Ian and I are going to have a picnic this weekend. He announced that he wanted to have a picnic. So, he has soccer on saturday and we’ll probably have a picnic on Sunday afternoon. He wants to stay with his friend Saturday night at his house, so we’ll see if he goes I want to go out of town, or at least get out of my apartment. Working from home all day makes for wanting to get OUT. So, we’re planning to make some sandwiches and other goodies and go to a nice park and have a picnic. Hehehe.

My ex called and said he can’t find the costume Ian wants…darth vader….claims they said they were sold out “weeks ago”….yet my parents and I found them at several other stores just as recently as yesterday. I told him if he’s going to take Ian on Halloween trick-or-treating, then HE needs to buy the costume, because we’ve always bought it, even when he took Ian, and that’s not fair. What do my parents do? They buy the costume. I know, I know, they wanted to make sure Ian had the darth vader costume…but at some point the ex needs to pay for something. He went to 1 store and gave up.

I also found out he is going to school, he says, starting yesterday he is going to massage therapist school…so…he can’t afford to pay for child support, but he CAN afford to go to school. The year before it was his excuse of paying for his gf’s books for school, but he can’t pay for his stuff for his kid. The year before that the excuse was that he “only” makes so much money…yeah, well so do I, and I still support OUR child by myself on it, and I’m working 2 jobs to support him…so, that really irritated me this time. But, if he actually does anything with this, that means he has no excuse not to pay child support anymore.

Well, work time is here, I hope you all have a great week!


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