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September 30, 2007

Things are gonna be even crazier around here….

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So, starting Monday, Oct. 1st, I start working 14 HOUR DAYS….M-F, and the weekends will be free if I can get what I need done in those 14 hours, if not I will have to make up on the weekends what I don’t get done.

Its gonna be hectic.
Its gonna be crazy.
I’m gonna be wore out.

BUT….its only temporary, to pay off some bills, get some money saved up, get a few new things that Ian and I deserve and need….and then I can cut back down to 1 full time job. That’s the plan…I’m praying it works out, the light at the end of my tunnel is that its only temporary.

Ian’s sports end the end of October and nothing more except cub scouts twice a month, until Spring. That will help with the lunacy of it all….but hopefully once Spring starts I’ll not need both jobs…I hope, lol.

I needed this to happen and it is, and I’m SO thankful that its working out the way I NEED it to and prayed it would….and hope it continues for as long as I need.

I’ve decided to not meet that “guy”, the charmer….there are various reasons why I really want to, but there are other reasons why I don’t, and the fact that there ARE reasons why I don’t before we’ve ever met in person, those are big red flags for me now. I needed some “backup” by talking to some of my friends and know that I should stick with what I’ve decided…but he’s so nice and such a charmer that its hard, but I know its best if I stick with this decision. If its meant to be, he will still be around down the road and things will work out, and if not, then no one got hurt. But, I have a feeling its not meant to be, and someone else is, so that keeps me firm in my decision. So, no worries there. Just too many wierd variables with this guy, so I’m not gonna go there.

Besides, starting a 14 hour work week isn’t going to make things easy to try to start any relationship like that, haha. Besides, I still have some eye candy, and some flirty fun with someone else here and there, and for now, with as busy as I am, that will do. I’ll be as patient as I can be, and hope that Mr. Right finds me instead. I’ve taken down ALL my single site profiles, all of them, not a one left standing….and I feel GREAT about that decision…usually I get the feeling of “what if the one I need was looking, but then I disappear?” but I figure, like my new motto, if its meant to be, it will happen on its own, and so I am feeling good about taking my profiles off the sites.

Even though I’m not looking forward to the hours I’m getting ready to pull starting Monday…I feel this excitement, this rejuvinated feeling like I’m ready for this. I feel ready to take on this challenge, I feel ready to take this step and bite the bullet and do what I need to do to get a foot forward to some degree. I know it will be harder than what I’m doing now…and sometimes NOW I feel like I could just crack…but this new strategy is something obtainable, something I know I can do, and its more organized and scheduled and DO-ABLE!! I may have a few days of feeling defeated…but I know I’ll get through. I have before, and I’ve pulled out of worse, so I know I can do this. I can’t believe this feeling of RELIEF, I’m adding crazy hours to an already hectic/busy schedule, but its more organized, and I feel RELIEF??? Yep….maybe its because I know that if I can stick to this goal I will be able to quit one of the jobs and maintain the full time one, and so I know its temporary, maybe that’s the “relief” feeling I’m getting. I just know I’m ready…don’t be surprised if I blog about my bad days as I’m sure they’ll come, but I have a really great feeling about all of these changes I’ve been working to make happen in various parts of my life, and knowing it will be worth it in the end is a great feeling too!

Ok, enough, lol…I’m off to relax the rest of the weekend….the calm before the storm, hehe. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ian and I did!!


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  1. Geeezus girl, you change the site more than I change underwear 😛

    14 hours a day?? God bless you…I couldn’t even think about doing that!

    Good luck girl

    Comment by Slick — October 1, 2007 @ 1:48 pm | Reply

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