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October 18, 2007

Its almost 11 pm on Wednesday night….

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It was a rough night last night (Tuesday night)….Ian did pretty good all day, eating ok and stuff, said his throat hurt but would still eat some stuff as long as it was “soft” he said. But, he still ate and drank. Then he started coughing and it was an ok cough, nothing unusual sounding, but after each cough he would cry because his throat was sore, and at one point he coughed so hard he threw up. So I did the best I could to make him feel better while trying to work from home. He eventually fell asleep on the couch went to sleep about 9-ish and slept good until a little after 1 am. I know this because I was off work and talking to someone in California, so here I am talking in my room on the phone, and he comes into my room and says his throat hurts and it hurts to breathe….so again I try to get him comfortable. He goes and lays in his bed where he started coughing a really barky cough…I thought, uh-oh, croup….it sounded terrible and he coughed so hard he gagged and threw up…again…so here I’m on the phone talking and cleaning up throw up, lol. He had a slight fever, so I gave him some medicine and he soon drifted off to sleep on the couch because he had thrown up on his bed and didn’t want to go back there. So, I finish my interesting converation with my friend and then go to bed myself. About 4 or something am Ian comes pounding on my door which was closed, I opened it and he’s stopming on the ground and holding his throat and his face has this crying look and tears, but no sound….I asked if he was choking and he shook his head no. He could breathe, but it didn’t sound good, so I asked if he could talk and he said no, then I asked if he could breathe and he said no. I have no money folks, zero, zilch, broke as can fucking be, so I just react to him saying he can’t breathe. I grab him up in my arms and run to the bathroom, shut the door and blast the hot water in the shower to get some steam going…he is crying and feeling miserable, but stays in my arms, I hold him and rock him while sitting on the commode cover, and he starts breathing ok and eventually falls back to sleep. I wait a while, then take him to the couch and lay him down again, and I sleep on the floor near by, with a trash can near him in case he has to throw up again. The rest of the night is like this, he wakes up from not being able to breathe good or from his throat hurting so bad, I can’t tell, and he’s kicking the couch with his feet or pounding and crying looking at me and I feel so helpless, and then he drifts off to sleep. He threw up one more time during the night from gagging on what I assume is drainage….and then I get up for work. I call my dad and ask him if I can borrow money to take Ian to the doctor. Dad of course comes to the rescue, he gives me money for Ian and myself to go to the doctor because he knows I’m sick as well. So, I work in the morning while Ian sleeps another 2 hours and then when I’m done working, I get Ian into the bath from the throwing up all night, get myself a shower, and then we head to the doctor. We both are seen, Ian has no fever, but before his bath and children’s Motrin he had 102 fever, but at the doctor’s office he’s normal. the doctor doesn’t even tell me what he has, checks us both in less than 10 minutes and gives us medicine, Ian amoxil and me some Factiva he had samples of. So, I head to the store to get the medicine and get some much needed groceries and some PediaSure type drinks for Ian since he hadn’t eaten anything all day and will only drink, so I figure if that’s all he’ll do might as well get him something with some nutrients. So, we get home, I give him his medicine and he falls asleep again. I try to fall asleep, take my medicine but suddenly I’m wide awake. I finally start dozing off and Ian’s coughing, and after last night every cough I’m up checking on him. I doze off again and he makes his way into my room and climbs on my bed, and I notice how hot he is, so I check his temp and his fever was 104.5!!!!!! I FREAK OUT, I text eye candy because, well, I can’t get hold of my parents at this point and I didn’t know what else to do, the doctor’s office was closed, and I just wanted to know ways to bring his fever down. I give Ian some more Children’s motrin and it starts to work…but then its time for me to go to work after trying several times to doze off. By now I had my antibiotic tablet in my system about 3 hours…and I start working and I’m scraching at my arm and neck, don’t think anything of it, then I realize my arms from a little past my elbows up to my underarm are HOT on both arms, just the inner elbow and under arm….both arms. Then I start seeing welts where I had scratched my skin. I inspect my arms and notice the redness goes up under my arms to part of my neck, around the base of my neck like a ring, even on the ta-tas, on my stomach its red and blotchy here and there….great, another freaking reaction to an antibiotic. Up until last year I’ve NEVER had an allergic reaction, NEVER. This is now the 3rd antibiotic I’ve had a reaction to. Everywhere its red is also hot feeling. I check my temp, no fever. It is starting to get uncomfortable, and then my legs right around the inner thigh at the knee area is red and also itching badly, uncomfortably so. Eye candy looks up the medication I took last time tht I had a reaction to, and the medication this time….and it says if I’ve had an allergic reaction to one, then not to take the other…I JUST had the allergic reaction to Avelox less than a week before my Hawaii trip, so less than 3 months ago, and that was my last doctor’s visit….so you’d THINK the doctor would pick up on that! I go back to work, Ian’s sleeping, then suddenly I start getting chills. As I’m typing this I’m having major typos (thank goodness for spell check) and I’m shivering so much my teeth are almost chattering. Its 77 degrees in my apartment, I’m in sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, socks and a blanket draped around me, and I’m FREEZING and can’t concentrate, itching, and red. Of course, I have no Benadryl, I thought I did but I don’t, and Ian’s asleep, and I can’t get hold of my parents, and everyone else I know is asleep at this hour and even if they were awake, they all have kids of their own…so I’m stuck here, freezing, itching, hot and cold at the same time, headache, and shaking…Ian’s still got his cough that makes him hurt so much he wakes up and almost gags and I’m sure he’ll throw up again at least once tonight, and his fever fluctuates but at least its not near as high as it was (so far highest is 102.2 after a few hours), he’s also cold but hot from his fever, I hate seeing the pain in his face when he looks at me and I can’t do anything about it but hold him and rub his back until he falls asleep again….and all I can do about it but vent here…..

lets pray tomorrow is better!!!!


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