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November 5, 2007

My week and weekend…

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My birthday was….well effen fantastic, but I can’t go into details hehe….

The rest of the week went by nice and smooth with no drama at all, LOVE IT! Then Saturday my dad, step-mom, Ian and myself headed to Huntington to Best Buy to get my laptop checked. I bought it there back in February and it has an extended warranty. So, took it there, and they say they “think” my harddrive is going bad, so they offered to take off my info from my computer “for $99” and then send my laptop to “service” to replace the hard drive. They said they do not give the hard drive back, and that it will take 2-3 WEEKS to get it back…my dad said he could’ve done it and had it backed up and hard drive replaced, and kept my old hard drive with my info on it, in less than a week AND be less than the cost of that extended warranty….but, he told them to do it anyway, while telling me he will make sure to tell them what he thinks of their no-returning hard-drive policy. Apparently they should let me have my hard drive back if I request it because while they are supposed to destroy the hard drives, its been known that some places “steal” them and there are identity theft issues from that. So, we’ll see what happens there….but I will be glad to have my laptop, pics, music and work-related documents back!

Saturday after we went to Best Buy, we piddled around Huntington a while…its a 2 hour drive from where I live, so we did some shopping and stuff. We went to the huge mall they have there, my step-mom was getting a start on her Christmas shopping. I didn’t realize everything was already in extended store hours and all that, that’s how often I go to a mall, haha. So, she did some shopping, we headed to the craft store where I did some shopping. We had lunch, did more shopping, then we went to dinner at a place called Hibachi. Its a chinese and japanese food place combined, with a hibachi dinner area, a chinese food dinner area, and a sushi bar. This is the place that Jim took me on my one and only kick-ass date. We went to the sushi bar part, so I didn’t know what the other part of the restaurant was like, but I loved the sushi bar, so we headed there. The sushi bar was packed and the Hibachi was reservations and packed till 10 pm, it was 8 when we got there, so we just ate at the chinese restaurant part because they said we could order off the Japanese menu, which was a crappy Japanese menu. The Hibachi part had the full menu but we couldn’t order off that unless we were IN the Hibachi area. But, we ordered our food and I had been craving Japanese food since we left Hawaii. The original plan was to go to Fusion in another city, but since we were there in Huntington, we thought we’d try that place. We ordered off the sushi bar menu as well. The regular food was CRAP, it was all so salty its like you could taste NOTHING but salt, but the sushi was fantastic, so it balanced out, haha….

Oh yeah, got some money for my b-day, and dad got me an external hard drive, 250 gb???? I think I read that right…he said so I can back up everything to it instead of my laptop, lol…since this is the second computer to poop on me in less than a year…..well, in my desktop’s defense, I had it for 5 years, so it did pretty damn good, and my laptop I only had for 7-1/2 months when it started dying.

Yesterday was just a lazy, boring day. Ian and I vegged out and hung out, and I worked on a few knitting projects for a little bit….a nice relaxing, chill day, loved it.

So, that’s that…nothing exciting…well, Wednesday rocked, but that’s a whole other story, haha….

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Sounds like fun out with the folks, shopping, eating, etc.
    I can’t wait to see my dad this month, but I know he won’t be able to take me shopping for my birthday. It will just be nice to see everyone.

    Glad you had a good birthday, you deserve it girlie!

    Comment by The Middle Child — November 5, 2007 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

  2. Sounds like a good time with your Dad Diana….good 🙂

    It takes 2 hours to get to the closest mall where you live??

    Comment by Slick — November 6, 2007 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

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