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November 15, 2007

Batty batty batty….and some WTF moments….

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That’s how I feel sometimes, like I’m going batty, lol. I have ended a “friendship”. This was a relatively new friendship, about 8 months or so, but in the last month or so I’ve been “tested” by this “friend”, accused of being PMSing, snippy, ditching her because I’m talking to a guy (TWICE accused of this), accused of not “listening” to her (even though we’ve talked EVERY SINGLE DAY online, several times a day, and I’ve heard her complain about EVERYTHING, yet I’m not listening….I’ve offered words of advice, support, encouragement, suggestions, but I’m not listening, and finally, accused of ditching her because I wasn’t talking to the same above-mentioned guy for a week or so and so she thinks I am not talking to her because of me blaming HER for it???? what??? ALL BULLSHIT.

I’m a firm believer that if you are unhappy in your life, YOU have to make the changes. If you can’t make changes, you need to find something that DOES make you happy, a hobby, taking a break, SOMETHING that makes YOU happy, and learn to live with the life you chose, or CHANGE IT. I have decided that this friendship was not good for me. I don’t think a real friend would accuse someone of ditching them when I still chatted with that “friend” EVERY DAY…..how is that ditching my friend for a guy??? Anyway, the last button was pushed and I ended it, I know in the end its the best thing for me. I have enough stress in my life, but I live my life in a way that I’m happy with my life, its not grandiose or extravagant, its rather plain and simple, but I’m happy, my kid is happy, and I like to surround myself with people who are like-minded, positive, laid back and ENJOY LIFE. I’m tired of having to “prove” myself when I didn’t do anything wrong, and having to defend my friendship when she throws an accusation. Its not like it was the first time, like I said, its been about 3 or 4 times in the last MONTH….so…yeah, it needed to be done. I don’t wish her any harm or ill-will. I just wish she could find some happiness in her life so she would stop concentrating on the negative, and accept a friend for who they are, and not accuse them of ditching or not being a good friend. She admits that she is jealous of me….though I can’t see why. She said I’m able to go where I want and do what I want without any strings attached…which is completely false. Anyone who truly knows me, even you guys on my blog, know that I rarely go out, its usually just me and Ian….so I’m not sure where she’s getting that. She also knows I don’t have money to do a lot of things, so again, not sure why she thinks that. I have a kid, and up until a month ago I had 2 jobs and my kid’s sports and things…again, not sure where she got that idea that I can do whatever I want when I want….I can’t, I’m at home, trying to be the best mom to my kid I can be, and trying to date, and trying to just maintain my life in a laid-back, peaceful manner. She also admitted to being jealous of the only other 2 people I talk to in this small town USA….one is my friend Christy who I have known for a couple of years know. She’s been there for me, our kids are buddies, and we just have this nice friendship. Christy respects my space and doesn’t get all pissy if I can’t go eat out with her or can’t do something because I have to do something else, like, I dunno….WORK!! The only other person I know here is eye candy dad….we’re still talking, and this person admits to being jealous of HIM too!!! wtf? What if I was actually DATING SOMEONE, you know, in a relationship, where they get most of my time after Ian…..I can’t imagine what she’d be like THEN. Its just immature and ridiculous, so I had to let it all go.

Anyway, whew, got that off my chest, lol.

I’m GETTING MY LAPTOP BACK!!! Finally! Tomorrow my dad and I are taking the 2 hour drive to Best Buy. Oh, and for clarification Slick, the nearest mall is not 2 hours away, the nearest one is about 35 minutes away, but the ONLY Best Buy in our area are both 2 hours away, in opposite directions, to where I live. That’s where I bought my laptop, so that’s where I took it, still under warranty.

I can’t wait to finally be able to download pics whenever I want! hahaha….

And the most fun news of this past week….Ian lost his second tooth! It happened the night before last, almost bedtime, and he came in “my tooth fell out mom!” I told him to put it on his headboard until bed time….a few minutes later I hear the water running in the bathroom and I’m asking what he’s doing and he said “brushing my lost tooth so it will be shiny for the toothfairy” hahaha. I told him to put it back on the headboard before it gets lost or goes down the drain, well, then the water is shut off, and he made this HUGE gasp, I thought for sure it fell down the drain, but no, he dropped it and it fell on the floor. After much searching we found it and he was a happy camper that the toothfairy came.

now for the WTF?????

Read this in the news today….OH PLEASE!!!!!
“Ho, Ho, Ho”



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  1. I am glad you are getting your laptop back, I know you really wanted it. Sure hope it’s working great for you now.

    As far as that insane girl… yeah, she needs to (wo)man up and make her own life something she likes, she can’t treat people the way she has treated you, it’s not right and it sure doesn’t make people want to be around her.

    Can’t wait to meet you next Sunday!!!


    Comment by The Middle Child — November 19, 2007 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

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