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December 20, 2007

bad form

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Ok, so Ian’s cub scouts had a Christmas party on tuesday, they picked names and were to MAKE something. Ian loves making things, probably gets it from me, though we have a family of people who love to make things and received hand-made gifts, which I’m grateful for!! So, Ian painted a picture frame for the child whose name he picked.

When Ian got to open the gift he received, Ian was THRILLED because the boy knows Ian LOVES Star Wars, and created this frame for him, Ian was so happy with it he came to show me all excited, and proudly showed it off stating he loves it.

So, then a few gifts go by, and a few parents had bought gifts, not a big deal but the thing was supposed to be that the kids MADE something. One mother even kept stating “maybe I should’ve bought more” and I just said “nah, they were supposed to make something.” She is one of those parents who worries all the time what other people think. That’s something I can’t get used to in this small damn town, the one-up-ness (yes, its a word, at least today) and someone feeling they have to “do more”….they are only 6 in this case, and I don’t see the point in worrying. Most people did stick to the hand-made rule.

So, after a few purchased gifts, the recipient of Ian’s gifts turn is up….and he first of all was whining because he was trying to guess who got his name, and after 3tries he got it right, but it was just supposed to be fun, and Ian was literally chasing him around with the gift in hand saying “you were right the last time” and the kid’s mother chasing after him saying “I don’t know what’s wrong with him tonight”….and then Ian finally caught up with him, gave him the gift he made and proudly wrapped himself:

The kid opened it and THREW IT DOWN AND RAN OFF crying some more, which by the way this child’s mother also purchased a gift instead of having the child make one. His mom in the meantime is ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the frame Ian painted. There were other kids who received hand-made gifts, there were only 3 parents that bought gifts. Ian said to me only “he’s acting like a 2 year old” which is something I tell Ian when he throws tantrums, which are far and few between thank goodness. No other kid acted this way at all. This child has done this before with lots of things. Ian was on the same T-ball team as this kid last year, and he would find SOMETHING to whine about pretty much every time we were there, even when he did great he’s whining about something and his mom and dady are saying “I don’t know what’s wrong with him”. Now, his parents are the NICEST people in the world, I swear! They are very giving and I don’t think either of them have a mean bone in their body….so how did this child turn out this wayl? Maybe he’s used to getting his way since his parents are so nice. I don’t know, I just know that later that night Ian proudly put up the frame that his fellow cub-scouter made and stared at it and I said I’m glad you like what he made you and he said “I don’t like it, I LOVE it, its awesome!” and then he looked at me and had that look like he was ready to cry and then came and sat on my lap and DID cry, saying “that bratty kid just threw my frame down, I worked hard on it and he didn’t like it.” I was at a loss for what to say, and so I told him that I know he worked hard on it and that I loved it, and that the boy’s mom liked it too, and I said not to worry about that boy who didn’t like it, because us mom’s loved it and we know he worked hard on it. I told him that I love everything hei makes, and that all his family loves what he makes, and that’s what is important. He seemed ok with it, and then went on and on about the cool star wars frame his friend made him.

The card Ian made for my sister Bobbi:

I bought him fabric markers to decorate some onesies for his new baby sister who is 5months old, and I gave him my PJ plain white shirt to practice on, and he drew me flowers and told me because he knows I love flowers.
practicing with fabric markers - made by Ian 2007



  1. Tell Ian that I think the frame is AWESOME, and I think he did an excellent job.

    Comment by The Middle Child — December 21, 2007 @ 4:09 pm | Reply

  2. I will definitely tell him! Thanks girlie….he was so proud and I love that he is still in the stage where he loves to make things.

    Comment by Di — December 21, 2007 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

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