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December 22, 2007


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Ok, so I have been wanting to try stenciling a shirt for about a year now, but I finally over the last few months started really going to get out and buying supplies here and there, and since money is very very tight this holiday now that I’m down to 1 job, I’ve decided to use my crafting stash for christmas gifts. I was stumped on what to get for Ian, let alone make, and most of the money went to his “santa” gift, so I was at a loss what to do for him in my budget that he would LOVE, and I decided I’d make Star Wars stenciled shirts for him, and found some hoodie type shirts for $3each (so got him 2), and I was scared, and it was hard work, but it was SO MUCH FUN when I got to peel off the paper and see the finished project! So, here are some pics of my current projects in progress or finished:

FINISHED: My sister Amanda’s headband that I knit, just like my other sister’s, only in a different color. I still have to make her a wrist cuff to match, but at least this is done.


My gift for my dad, coasters with the Marine Corps emblem, and a candy jar with one, all decoupaged with Mod Podge, with the Marine corps emblem cut out from a bit of fabric I had since last year. I still have to glass etch his name on the side of the candy jar, but otherwise, a few more coats before I varnish.

This year’s very cheesy Christmas card.

Ian’s shirts, with nearly step-by-step how I got there. The stenciling image I got online, just googled “star wars stencil” and got these.

First step – all the supplies, including the trusty iPod nano. lol.

Stencil after its been cut out from freezer paper, iron on and started to use the paint made for fabrics, next to the screen print ink.

Waiting for the paint to try, chillin in my Chococat house slippers

Final products! It turned out so nice I was excited and I hope Ian loves them!!


And my knitting WIP, it was going to be a cozy, but its too big, so I’m going to make it a small purse type of bag I think….we’ll see haha…I had frogged it so many times that I just decided when I found out it was too big that screw it, I’ll knit up a rectangle and make a bag out of it, lol. This is for my step-mom.


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