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January 2, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm….

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So, I had sent an e-mail that wasn’t supposed to be sent…on the 30th I was reading an old e-mail, I was clearing out my email boxes and came across one in my draft box that I wrote to James back when we broke up. I was emotional when I wrote it, it was long and as I read it, I thought back on what happened a little over 6 months ago and realized I moved on as it didn’t bother me anymore. I hit delete…or so I thought. Turns out I hit SEND…it went to James, who I haven’t really talked to since Mother’s day this past year. I sent him a follow-up e-mail telling him I accidentally sent it instead of deleting it as I was going through my email, so don’t freak out or think anything is going on. So, he actually replies and asks if he can call me. I said sure, the final test to see if I’m over him, and he called. I heard his voice…and nothing. Not an ounce of “i miss him”, not an ounce of “what if”…nothing. I felt nothing. And that was a great feeling because I knew I was over him. We caught up a bit and he even talked about dating other people and it didn’t phase me a bit. It took me a while to get over the boyfriend I had before James, so knowing I could talk to him and not have any “feelings” surface has been great. I still chat to his friend on myspace from time to time, but never about James. When I told this friend of James what happened and that we talked, he said that its great we talked, and that he speaks of me sometimes, nice things. So, that’s nice to hear. I’m not evil anyway damn it, haha. So, anyway, that was interesting, nice to know I’ve moved on, and also a nice conversation catching up and just talking for a short while.

We got our dining room table and chairs in today from my dad and step-mom, our Christmas gift from them. Its small, seats 4, but its just Ian and I in a small apartment, so it was PERFECT. Ian loved it, we had our first dinner at our dining room table tonight. It was pizza, haha, but he loved that we got to sit together instaed of spread out on the floor in the living room or me at the couch and him at his little kid picnic table that he’s outgrowing. He wanted to sit right beside me, and we did, had our dinner, and enjoyed that simple family task that so many take for granted. I know the novelty of it will wear off for him soon, but it was great to have him as excited as I was to have a real dining table to eat at with him.

We left the Christmas stuff up for one last week….he begged me, hehe.

It snowed today, its cold and windy and it snowed. My apartment is pretty drafty, so now the apartment is cold. Good thing I love my goofy house slippers and big oversized shirts and sweats, lol. It ain’t sexy, but no one here to impress.

We’ve had a broken dvd/vcr combo in our living room for the past 8 months or so. First the VHS part of it died, then the DVD part. We kept it as our TV is old and doesn’t have the jacks for that stuff, and so keeping the old unit allowed Ian to play his PS2. My dad gave us his dad’s DVD player and VCR when they bought grandpa a new dvd/vcr combo so Grandpa had less remotes to deal with, they brought his old stuff so we could have a DVD player and a VCR. I’ve never been able to get it all hooked up. Turns out I needed an RF modulator, and now with the addition of the Wii Ian got for Christmas from my dad, I purchased an A/V selector, so with the touch of a button we can use the DVD player, or the VCR or the PS2 or the Wii or just watch TV. I didn’t get any help from anyone to hook that bad boy up and yeah, I’m friggin proud because my dad, the computer geek in the family, couldnt figure it out. Ha!

yeah, I know, cheesy moment to be proud of haha.

On the flip side of that, my work computer has been very LOW volume. I’m still using it in case something happens to my laptop again, so I use the desktop for work for now, and just keeping the laptop for emergencies now (but using the laptop for personal use). Well, so I kept complaining that the volume was SO low and I couldn’t figure it out, the headphones wereplugged directly into the speakers fine, and the volume was all the way up on the manual dial for the speakers, I was baffled. Well….a day and a half later of still complaining and Ian says “what about the volume control on the computer icon, is that up?” Yes ladies and gentleman, my 6 year old has officially out-smarted me on my computer abilities.

He hasn’t let me live it down since, haha.

I’m getting better with my ailments. My ears, throat and eyes no longer hurt, though my eyes still itch they are much better and no longer red, just a tiny bit if you pull down my bottom eye lid, but who wants to do that? sheesh, haha…otherwise I’m feeling better in that department.

Work has been slow this holiday weekend and hopefully it will pick up soon.

I think that’s all I’m going to blog about….random nothingness. Oh, my step-mom was using her fingerless gloves/wrist warmers I made her, she was using them today, hehehe, she said she really likes them and they are very handy to have. YAY ME for knitting something she likes. They are a bit big on her wrist, so I have to learn to fix that, but for my first pair, I’m glad she likes.

I’ll go for now as its still New Year’s day, and I have to get back to work since a report just popped up (finally) and then I have to get Ian into bed and ready for his first day back to school tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!


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