Diana Banana Pancakes

January 4, 2008


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Its 9 degrees this morning in small town USofA. Brrrr. Ian’s on a 2 hour delay from school, so he finally goes back to school, but only partial day.

So, to help me warm up, I’m posting some pics from Hawaii that my dad just gave me. He gave me a whole DVD full of pics from our trip to hawaii. Well, he gave one to everyone who went, lol….but these are a couple of my faves, too bad Ian’s covering his face in one pic, and I’m squinting like I’m Japanese, oh wait, I’m 1/2 Japanese…haha, so to help warm me up, I’m sharing: Click on them if you want to see the bigger shot

Ian & I, Lanakai Beach, windy, beautiful day. My cousin’s wedding. Aug 2007, then Amanda and I same day/place.

So, what’s been going on in my household? Nesting! I have lived here going on 5 years, and I’m finally getting a nesting bug! What’s up with that? This is the longest I’ve lived in 1 place in my adult life, longest before was 3-1/2 years I believe. Not sure why I’m just now getting the nesting bug, maybe its the new year, maybe its me wanting to make some changes now that I have less job responsibilities (i.e. 1 job instead of 2) and so I want to get organized and make my life flow better, or because I have a new dining room table/chairs and so its making me want to finish the look of the rest of this crappy old apartment. Either way, I have it and its feeling good to make my slow progress and see it take shape.

We still have our christmas deco up, gonna take that down this weekend, and clear out some space so I can work out again, woohoo! I’m going to be on Monday starting my usual weigh ins on my other page and all to get myself back on the ball, so send me you good vibes for that one!

I say on Monday because I want to pick a day when I will weigh in regularly, and that way I will have the Christmas stuff all put away and have a fresh start on Monday. Currently I’m working on eating better, so I’m doing something small to start.

I’m thinking of changing rooms with Ian. Mine is smaller, but he has a lot of STUFF and he got a used computer from our neighbor who got themselves a brand spankin new one, and with his toys and his need of a desk now, I think I will change rooms with him. He has a smaller closet, but in all reality I use about 1/4 of my closet for clothes, the rest are in my dresser, and the rest of my closet is just boxes, which I’m slowly going through to declutter. So, if I move Ian into my room and change places, he will have more space to play, able to get a desk in here, and able to just have more room overall. Only thing I’m weary about is that there’s a lock on my current door, last thing I need is for him to lock himself in his new room and I won’t be able to get to him. Its not a regular lock in my room, its not a chain, its like the old bathroom doors where you have the bar that goes into the hole on the door and you have to twist the bar to latch it in place. Its pretty high so he shouldn’t be able to reach it, but if he climbs on a chair as boys sometimes do to check it out, well then he might just do it and get stuck in. So, its still something I’m considering. Its got so much paint over the screws that I’m not sure if I can remove it, but it may be something I look into. We’ll see how that goes. This is all still in the just thinking about it phase anyway.

Well, I’m cold and have to work, and take Ian to school soon. You all stay warm and have a great weekend!


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