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January 8, 2008

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning…

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Hahaha, when I was going to blog about my dizziness, and I was thinking of Bekah’s song titles she was using lately, this popped into my head.

Yesterday I woke up with feeling dizzy. Not room spinning dizzy, but I can just be sitting at my desk and suddenly I feel dizzy for a quick second, and it was like that all day, with turning my head it lasted longer. Now, I’ve been on antibiotics for over a week, but realized I hadn’t been taking it like I should be. I hate the kind you have to remember to take 3 times a day because with my crazy split schedule and Ian’s stuff, I forget when I take it. Turns out yesterday was supposed to be my last dose of antibiotics of a 10 day course, but instead I counted this morning and I have 9 pills left, so 3 more days! ugh! So, I’m thinking I’m getting my sinus ear infection back because yesterday I was dizzy with a headache all day, and I tried resting, eating, and taking meds and something for my headache, but it didnt’ go away at all. This morning same thing only this time I’ve been sneezing with a runny nose and also my right ear feels itchy. I’m so mad at myself for forgetting to take my medicine on time and I was just feeling better after over a week ago when I had ear infections in both ears, plus pharyngitis plus pink eye in both eyes, I’ve finally been feeling better and now this.


On the plus side, it was nice and warm here yesterday and today is supposed to warm as well, though raining.

man my head is pounding and it only feels good when I’m laying down, but I have so much to do that I dno’t have time to lay down, but I feel miserable in my head area, otherwise I’m perfectly fine. just the dizziness/light-headed spell I get every few minutes, and the headache.

Anyway, nothing going on the last couple of days. This weekend got to get out of town for a day. I startd a new schedule this week, working Sunday through Thursday, so we’ll see how this works for me.

Sunday got out of town. Ian had made something for his dad and sister for christmas, so he really wanted to take it and was asking every day when he can go, so I just called his dad and he said he couldn’t afford to drive…so instead I drove because I needed to get out of town and out of my apartment where I was stuck there all last week with my ailments. I took Ian to see his dad and I went and saw some friends and hung out a few hours. Loser-ex told me money is tight for them, and said he doesn’t know when he can afford to see Ian again…ugh. Like money isn’t tight for me. Both he and his girlfriend are going to school, and they have the baby, so he acts like I should feel sorry for them, but I don’t because she can work. I worked when I was pregnant with Ian and afterwards I’ve worked since Ian was 3 months old, as soon as my maternity leave ended, and I of course never saw a dime from loser-ex so I’ve been taking care of all his needs and housing him and feeding him and all that by myself for the last 5-1/2 years of his 6 years of life, so I don’t feel sorry for anyone. They were glad to see Ian, so they seemed. I did talk to my ex-sis-in-law who I’m very close with still. We didn’t see them around Christmas and we still have gifts for them, so as long as I’m feeling better next weekend, I, being to overly nice person I am, and because Ian asked when he can spend the night at his dad’ and see his sister again, I said I could take Ian to see them, and drop off christmas presents to my ex-sis-in-law, but ONLY if loser-ex could bring Ian back. I shouldn’t have to make both trips when its HIS responsibility anyway. He said he would call me and see what he can work out. Last time he said that was a week before Christmas and he didn’t call until after New Year’s.

Anyway, bah on that ranting, haha…Otherwise, nothing exciting, just trying to get laundry done while bending over to pull it all out of the dryer and bending over to get it all out of the washer, plus work, plus I have to do dishes. I stopped yesterday because I almost dropped 2 glasses and 2 plates, so I figured I better stop before I drop something and have to bend over to pick all that up too.



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  1. Yeah, girlie, you know I STILL have my dizziness? I am so sick and tired of being dizzy… it sucks.

    Sorry you aren’t feeling good, that stinks. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better again soon and won’t have to go back to the doc.


    Comment by The Middle Child — January 8, 2008 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

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