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February 1, 2008

I’ve been MIA….

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Sorry for being MIA from the blog this week. I’ve read some other blogs or at least browsed through some, but just didnt post. Its been a long, busy, stressful, emotional week this week, most of it stemming around my son. Without getting into too much detail, he’s had some “acting out” issues involving hitting some other kids this week, which is VERY unlike him. He’s usually the good kid that everyone says is well-mannered and helpful and sharing and nice, so its been a struggle. The first day of him acting out was on Monday, he hit another kid, he also drew a picture of him, his dad, his dad’s girlfriend and his sister, all smiling together, and underneath he wrote “I wunt to see you and danicka!” Danicka is his baby sister by his dad and dad’s gf. So, his teacher and I figured maybe Monday was him acting out because he was supposed to see his dad this past weekend, but I didn’t have the money for gas, and his dad’s car was stolen week before, so he didn’t get to go after his dad had told him he WOULD see him. So, we think that’s where Monday came from. He got into another hit thing yesterday, Thursday, but that one was rough-housing with another kid in class, and also got into a fight with a kid, protecting his friend from another bully. So, I can see WHY he hit on thursday, he was protecting his friend who was being hit, but he still knows its wrong.

Anyway, so lots of teacher conferences, lots of punishing Ian, and lots of “what is wrong with him this week” to myself. On top of that I had issues with missing something I need from an ex-employer in order to file taxes. This was that at-home transcription company I worked for 7-1/2 months for….half of that time I was an independent contractor, which means they take out no taxes or SS or anything, and they are supposed to send a W2 for the time I was a full time employee, and a 1099 for the time I was an independent contractor. They sent the W2, but I didn’t get a 1099, so I wanted to make sure they did remember I changed my status half way through that short employment period. This company was a bitch to get hold of while I was their EMPLOYEE, now basically they just ignore my e-mails. I sent an e-mail asking who I need to talk to about this, and never heard anything back. Luckily in my decluttering I had not yet thrown out my employee handbook and did find a card in there with a number to the company who did our accounting, and called them…I had it all resolved in less than 1/2 hr, including waiting for them to pick up the damn phone from the automated menu. The ex-employer STILL didn’t even so much as return my e-mail with any help. On my last day of employment with them I also had a question regarding my last paycheck and how that works, they NEVER REPLIED to it, once they terminated my employment, they didn’t so much as send anything more on the exact same day. fuckers. lol. I had businesses who treat their employees like crap, let alone are unbusiness like to anyone who is not an employee, even a former employee. whatever, at least I’m done dealing with them.

So, anyway, I had a stressful week in most departments, but then others were looking decent. I had a good thing happen…when I was gathering my old paystubs to double check them with the W2s, I found out I had not cashed my very first check from that crappy job. I had signd up for direct deposit and assumed that first paycheck was automatically direct deposit, and it was only $170 since it was a partial pay period one, so when I talked to the accounting of said crappy company, they said to keep a copy of it to myself, gave me a case number for confirmation of what we discussed, and asked me to mail them back the original and they will send out a new check. woohoo! But they also said it would take 6-8 weeks between processing and mail, so that would be around the time of Ian’s b-day, so that works out fine for me.

That’s my week. I’m going to take Ian to his dad’s for the weekend. I talked to his dad about what happened, about the acting out thing, and the bully fight thing, and I talked to him and his girlfriend about the punishment, which he and her and I all agreed on…now I’ll find out on Sunday if they stuck with the punishment or gave in, but Ian knows I talked to them, so we’ll see. If they stuck with it, then it will be a good reinforcement thing, so Ian knows he cant get away with things just because he’s going to his dad’s, but if not, Ian will think he can get away with things. Cross your fingers loser gets some sense and this time sticks with what he tells me. I think because I talked to his gf first, he will. Like I said, she’s the one that is more responsible than him, haha.

Anyway, so might go hang out with a couple of friends and unwind and have a drink or somethin while in town tonight, maybe, still waiting to hear if one of them have to go in to work or not, if not, I’m coming home and chilling out until I go get Ian on Sunday. I’m also hoping to fininsh the decluttering on the weekend. I have the utility room DONE as far as decluttering and going through boxes. I have to still get the stuff going back in that room organized onto shelves, but I’m happy to say that most of that is at least organized, then all I have to do is sweep up that room and put the stuff back in there that’s staying, and 10 BOXES of stuff is going from OUT of that room!!! Ian has bathtub toys that I had him go through yetserday which he did, so that’s down to half. Its getting there and I’m happy about the progress, and once its all done I will be enjoying this clutter free apartment. Ian is still set on not switching rooms….again…haha. So, that’s fine with me, I will get to fit a bigger bed for me in this room instead of just buying myself a twin again.

anyway, long boring post, sorry….I hope everyone has a great weekend, and here’s to hoping I have lost some weight this week, but Im’ feeling like I haven’t…bah.


have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Wow, that was quite a week. {{Hugs}} … definitely take some “you” time.

    Hope you have a great weekend too!!!

    Comment by SoCal Sal — February 1, 2008 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

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