Diana Banana Pancakes

February 4, 2008

buttery nipples and common sense

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I spent Friday night with a friend and his friend who I just recently met. This friend of mine (well call him FA) I’ve known for 3 years, but I just met his friend (we’ll call him FS) back in October…long story, hehe. Anyway, so friday night, dropped my kiddo at his dad’s for the weekend visit, and I went to chill out with the guys. They rented movies and bought the drinks, I made dinner. It was nice, relaxing. We watched a couple of movies. After that FA was starting to yawn an awful lot, it was late by the time we got around to watching the movies, and he, like myself, had been up since about 6:30 that morning, by this time it was about 2 am. Then FS decided to show me this video about the Galapogos Islands which is an HD-DVD he had and wanted to show me his HD-TV to see the quality. It was REALLY great to see it in that quality on the TV, and I’m the nerd who likes that stuff anyway, well apparently so is FS. So, 2 hours of this movie, haha, and FA was about to just give up. He pulled out his spare bed to sleep on and FS said he was gonna go check his e-mail, read and then hit the sac himself, so anyway, after checking his e-mail he let me check mine. Later we started talking about a trip he’s going on, really interesting stuff and I hope he has a great time on his vacation….well, in the end, FS and I ended up talking most of what was left of the night, and I really enjoyed the conversation. He’s a lot like me in some ways based on our conversation.

We started talking about other things too, relationships, marriage, what he perceives women want based on what he sees, and what I perceive some men want based on what I see, that sort of thing. Most of you know I have more male friends than female, so I usually go to them when I talk about a guy I like, get their input or thoughts, its served me very well in the past, so its nice to meet another guy I can talk to about things as well as I’ve recently lost touch with 2 of my friends I used to talk to about stuff like that.

Anyway, so friday was just a fun, laid back, chillin type of night, one that was very much needed. Oh yeah, and friday night for drinks I had 4 buttery nipples….the drink ya pervs, haha…it was yummy.

Got Ian home on Sunday, and my relaxing weekend melted away into the stupidity of my ex again who seems to lack common sense.

Ian had been having problems at school last week, so his punishment was no video games after the first infraction, then he got in trouble 2 times another day and so I took away also his cartoons, no cartoons….and I made a point to call the loser-ex and tell him what’s going on and that he should keep up the punishment as his house as well or else Ian will think he can get away with stuff at his house. It wasn’t a big deal, just no cartoons and no video games, there are still tons of other things to do….but according to Ian, his dad let him watch cartoons, claiming that he (loser ex) watches cartoons, so Ian could watch them because its something he watches. BULLSHIT. I lived with that man for 6-1/2 years, he didn’t watch cartoons like that, he just wanted to let Ian off the hook.

He cut Ian’s hair that weekend, he told me he was gonna take him to get it cut, but he did it instead himself. Shit for the job he did I could’ve done it as well myself, but bah, whatever, its not bad, its just not great either.

Sunday night Ian started to feel a little warm to me, so I took his temp, a small fever at 99. Ian told me that his sister is sick and coughing and that his dad told him he must’ve caught his sister’s cold. I said “why did he say that, were you sick when you were there?” and he said yeah he started coughing saturday night. I asked if his dad took his temp, he said no. I asked if his dad gave him any medicine, and he said no. He also informed me that his sister is still coughing, so they know she’s still sick, and that they had Ian sleep on the bed with his sister, and HIS DAD’S GIRLFRIEND. I’m sorry, I have 2 problems with this, first being that his dad put him in the same bed with a baby he knows is sick….and secondly that ian’s dad’s girlfriend was in the same bed as my son, without my son’s dad. Don’t get me wrong, I get along with her, but I just feel that’s not right. If his dad was in the bed and it was him and my son, fine, that’s his son, but not his dad’s girlfriend without his dad in the bed, that just really bothers me. I would never take her daughter and have her in the same bed with ME to sleep, it just isn’t right.

Anyway, so Ian woke up this morning with a 103 fever and he was coughing like a seal, so I kept him home. He is feeling better now, his fever broke so far and his cough is less, thanks to some soup, mommy hugs and kisses, and a little medicine for his fever and cough.

I’m still irritated with the ex….but at the same time, I should know better by now.

I think I want another buttery nipple.


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