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February 12, 2008

I can’t taste a thing….

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Well, that’s not entirely true, I can taste salt, and some sour things, but that’s about it.

I called the doctor’s office yesterday to see if there was something else I could be doing, and they took my number and said they’d call me back….they never did. So, i called this morning, and they said they called something in to the pharmacy for me. I informed them no one told me they did that so I had no idea, apparently its been sitting there since yesterday afternoon. So, I went today with Ian to get it and we grabbed some crappy McD’s (its salty, I could taste it) and went home. Yes, I said with Ian…he had a snow day today. I thought that was a bit much to call a snow day for it, but they did it, which means another day at the end of the year they have to tack on. Maybe they will make spring break shorter instead, but I doubt it.

Anyway, so the doc gave me some antibiotics this time, lets cross fingers that it works and that I will be able to smell again soon and taste again.

I’m almost done with my craft desk area, just trying to figure out where to put everything in a small space, and this is WITH getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I have “before” pics, so I will take “after” ones soon. Then as soon as this weather clears and I feel better, I can clear the living room from stuff that is to go to donate then get that whole area cleared out. I’m close to being done, I can see the changes, but I’ve been so miserable sick that it all just kinda stopped. Yesterday was the first day I was messing with it again (my craft area at least) so it feels good to get moving on it again.

Nothing exciting to report. Oh yeah, I’m boycotting valentine’s day again….can you say bah humbug for Valentine’s day?


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  1. I hope the meds work. Get well soon!!!!

    Comment by SoCal Sal — February 13, 2008 @ 6:48 pm | Reply

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