Diana Banana Pancakes

February 18, 2008

I finally bought something for me….

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I’m notorious for not buying much for me. Ian’s usually the one I spend my money on, things he needs, things he wants. He has had the only true NEW furniture I’ve spent money on in over 8 years. The last new furniture purchase I bought for myself was when I was with my ex, right before we got married, he and I bought a bed together. I gave him the bed when we divorced, I gave him pretty much anything he wanted because they were just “things” and he didn’t want the responsibility of the most important thing – Ian. Anyway, so that was the last time I bought something NEW for me.

This weekend I finally bought myself a new desk and a new bed. I’d been living off a daybed for the last 4-1/2 years and my back has paid the price. On top of that my old desk just wasn’t working for me. So, tax refund came, I caught up on bills, paid off 2 of my debts, and decided after putting a little into savings that I deserve to have the new bed I’ve been talking about getting for years. So, this weekend I got it. Its only full size, but I have a small apartment bedroom and I work from my bedroom as we only have a 2 bedroom place, so I didn’t want the bed to take over the room. I’ve only had twin sheets for years so I also got to purchase a new sheet set and a new blanket, and I bought a new lamp for my room and one for Ian’s room as well. So, I got it on Saturday and spent some of Saturday and some of yesterday taking apart the old stuff and putting together the new stuff. My old desk is now in Ian’s room so he has a place to draw and color and on his birthday in April I’m going ot get him a small TV so he can play his video games in his room and I can have my TV back, haha, and so the desk will hold that too. My new desk is simple, but its perfect for my needs and giving me space in my room.

It was so nice to see how much my decluttering has paid off too! I took some pics, and while my bed doesn’t have a headboard, its still mine and bought just for me. Of course I always get a twinge of buyer’s remorse, but damn it, I woke up feeling great this morning even after all the lifting and twisting my already-in-pain back endured, and that’s a great sign. šŸ™‚ I’ll post pics later when I can get them uploaded to the laptop.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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