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March 3, 2008


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Ok, so its been a week since my last bloggin, so I figured I would update…

I haven’t gone to see Grandpa this week. Last weekend was SO EMOTIONAL, and for the 2 weeks prior to that I was sick with the flu, and I was just COMPLETELY DRAINED this whole past week, mentally and emotionally….I needed a change of atmosphere and it happened to come in the way of an invite.

I won’t go into details here because, but he invited me to join him for the evening on Friday. It wasn’t a date, though damn I wish I had a date, lol, I’m in some need of a man’s attention in an interested in ME way, not interested in jumping in the sack sort of way… Anyway, this person and I seem to be able to talk well and I enjoy talking with him. I took my son to his dad’s for the weekend, and I was free to do as I pleased, and I was actually able to completely relax and just enjoy the moment. It was a nice evening, I had a great time and it was EXACTLY the change of atmosphere I needed to get my mind off the other “stuff”. I made a meal which he happened to like. It was a nice time of relaxation, chillin out, conversation, movies and just the simple act of enjoying the company I was with, no pressure for more. It was great, TRULY great to be able to just do that….I hope we can do it again soon…real soon.

Today is my parent’s 25th anniversary…well, let me correct this, my dad and step-mom’s 25th anniversary. Funny enough, my mom and step-dad also got married 25 years ago this year, but not until August, haha. Funny huh? My dad and step-mom met while taking a 2-step/line dance class over 25 years ago, not sure how long they dated before they got married, but I was at least 6, which is the age Ian is right now. 25 years later and they still love to go line dancing and 2-stepping together, its their “thing” and its so friggin cute to see them dancing together, something they truly enjoy doing and I love watching them dance together.

The weather here has been great this weekend, it started warming up Saturday morning, it was still cold to most people, but it was in the mid 50s and for us after having all the snow and cold wind, that’s awesome, the sun was shining, barely any clouds in the sky, it was beautiful. Sunday was more of the same, even warmer, and I enjoyed driving to get Ian from his dad’s, had the windows rolled down, sun was shining, loved it.

Ok, obviously my life is boring because that’s all I have to report, haha. I bought chalkboard paint to paint part of my old desk for Ian to use as a chalkboard, ha. I started painting that this weekend and now I’m dying to paint other things, its friggin addictive…hmmm…the mind races with ideas lol. I’m going to get the fish tank/fish from a friend supposedly today, but I was also supposed to get it this weekend but time constraints didn’t make that possible, so hopefully today when Ian gets home from school he’ll have a fish tank in his bedroom. OH YEAH, hahaha, I bought him a floor lamp for his room so his desk wouldn’t be taken up by the fat lamp he has now….and I found one that was a touch-sensor to turn it off, he friggin loves it. I’m sure he’s gonna blow the bulb for as often as he does it, he thinks its the neatest thing, haha, He has touched as high up as he can reach, and all the way down to the base, all of it is a touch sensor. Its funny to watch. I had to warn him to chill out on the touching because I don’t have any more bulbs right now, lol. funny kid.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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