Diana Banana Pancakes

March 6, 2008

Yeah, I’m 1/2 Japanese….

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So, there’s this inside joke between my mom, my sister and I…my mom was born and raised in Japan, she has a greencard. She has an accent. I love her to death. She is a smart-ass…wonder where I got it from.

So, we lived in California, and at least once a month made our way to L.A. to go to Little Tokyo, day trip, eat some yummy Japanese food and shop in the huge Japanese grocery store and go to the book stores and whatever little stores they had. Anyway, if any of you have ever driven any of the freeways into L.A. you KNOW there are shitty drivers….everywhere….and here’s my mom, with her greencard and her Japanese accent, getting cut off by someone on the interstate, and she’s yelling with her little accent “Where did you learn to drive? go back where you came from!” hahaha. That’s mom. Love her to pieces. Another time as we were shopping in the Japanese grocery store in Little Tokyo, some little Japanese woman did something rudely with her cart, and my mom says “damn orientals”, so that’s our little inside joke saying now.

My mom would truly be saying….”damn orientals” to this video….haha. Gotta love her.

FYI – note to all – my mom is a hard working woman and has worked all her life, paid her taxes, studied to take the american citizenship test but then got sick and things changed in that part and she hasn’t gotten back to it yet, but she is proud of her Japanese heritage, and also loves America. she now lives in Hawaii, so its like being home, but still America, she loves it there.


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