Diana Banana Pancakes

April 15, 2008

winterguard – catching up – sick

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This video was taken off youtube, probably copyright infringment, blah blah blah…but its on myspace so I’m posting it again because even after 11 years its still a rockin friggin winterguard show! I get may hits to my blog by people looking for this Dante’s show, it rocked then, and is still talked about in the guard circuit today, 10 years later….rocking cool show!

Northmont High School – Dante’s Inferno

I’m sick yet again…bah…but I have antibiotics, hope I will feel better soon. it sucks to have a sore throat from drainage and pharyngitis, and then have to breathe through your mouth because your nose and sinuses are so congested you have no choice, waking up every hour because your mouth is so dry it hurts at times. bah, I hope to be back to myself soon. I know, it could be worse, and it has been, but still not fun lol. I also have an ear infection in BOTH ears and have had a constant headache all day yesterday and off and on since noon today.

My son turns 7 on Monday…7 YEARS OLD….I can’t believe it!

My step-mom’s birthday is tomorrow, the 16th. We are having flowers sent to her office, hope she likes them. Ian helped me pick them out, he loved being part of that process, he even wrote the card, teehee.

I’ve gained weight somehow, I’m hoping its because of that female curse getting ready to head my way, but I was NOT happy to see that.

First soccer game was saturday, Ian did well, no goals, but he did well. Sunday he had another game (make up from the previous saturday), so yep that’s in full swing. Its gonna make it hard to spend time with someone I’ve been spending time with, guess now will determine what it is we are actually doing spending time together, just hanging, or actually dating…who knows.

I think that’s it….exciting I know….


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