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June 23, 2008

more pics! catching up

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Well, I’m behind on pics so here’s the catch-up…A WHOLE BUNCH of pics.

Just some random shots of Ian:

A soccer game, he was goalie, only 1 goal got past him out of 4. May 2008
soccer goalie 5-24-08

My high-tech kid – using the laptop on the drive to see family – May 2008
my little computer user 5-2008

Ian and I went to see my friend Randy while he was in Columbus. I went to high school with this guy, I graduated 1991, he graduated 1992. It was so great seeing him after all these years, I hadn’t seen him since I graduated….we met up and went to Easton Mall in Columbus, OH. This was back in May 24, 2008
fountain at Easton Mall, OH - 5-24-08

visiting my friend in OH 5-24-08

playing in phone booth in Easton Mall, OH 5-24-08

Ian’s first Gameworks experience at Easton Mall.
Gameworks 5-24-08

Hello, its STAR WARS!!

We hit a deer on the way home, this was Saturday, May 24th. We are fine, the deer didn’t make it. We are so lucky the deer didn’t come through the windshield that was already cracked most of the way length-wise!!

The officer who showed Ian the inside of the cop car and let Ian get in with him, he was really nice (and hot, haha)
trooper showing Ian the "cool car" - 5-24-08

the next morning

ewww, deer fur stuck in there still

glass pieces all over, and they were all over me head to toe. Luckily Ian had his head covered with my sweatshirt because he was going to sleep in the back…thankfully he didn’t see any of the accident.

You can see how much the windshield bowed in –



I have more pics that I will post in a day or two….too may today already!

Hope everyone is doing well. I miss my readers….I need to reconnect.


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  1. Ummm, hell yeah you are lucky it didn’t come right through the windshield. When you showed me these pics before I didn’t really notice how bowed in it was.

    And HUBBA HUBBA, I love me some man in uniform. I’da been hitting on him so bad! I would have totally embarassed myself and my kid!

    So, you aren’t dead…. I was wondering where you were today, but I was pretty busy too.

    I hope Ian’s fever went down. Poor kid.
    Hugs girl!


    Comment by The Middle Child — June 23, 2008 @ 11:20 pm | Reply

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