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July 23, 2008

late on more pics….

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Ok, yet again, I’ve been MIA to blogging… OH and an FYI, I haven’t kept up with the photo 365 challenge that is linked on my side-bar ever since I had laptop problems back in February and it took 6 weeks to get my darn computer back (grrr), and since then I have forgotten my password to that site, haha…so that is why all the photos in this blog instead. 🙂 I also have to update my links as some are no longer working, and a few new blog links to add, so once I have more time to sit her and organize them, you’ll see them.

catching up again, tons more pics!

saw this online and CRACKED UP for some reason it was making me laugh so hard I was in tears….

One afternoon in either late June or early July, Ian and walked to the video rental store, and on the way home we saw this little guy under my car….
a turtle!

Say hello to my little friend…

The chalkboard paint I used to make a chalkboard on Ian’s desk was a hit. I actually took this desk apart and got rid of it, and instead gave him my old craft/scrapbook desk as I wasn’t using it (tear) and the long desk was just too big in his little room, but here’s what he drew before I took the old desk apart, after his fish died.
ian's chalkboard painted desk (old desk)

When I moved my old craft/scrapbook desk out of the living room and gave the desk to Ian for him to use for his homework and art stuff, I kept the part of the old desk for him to draw on, here it is in his room all organized, and it still looks pretty darn good, its been about a month now!
My old 5th grade desk in Ian's room

I took my craft/scrapbook stuff that used to be on and in and around that desk above, and put it in my closet space that wasn’t being used, here’s the breakdown yo….





Early June – Ian’s cub scout day of fun
fishing day
fishing derby 6-6-08

our tent –
we put it up ourselves!

up at 6 am thanks to noisey “neighbors”. They told me “the best part is being up before anyone and enjoying the quiet” and I was thinking, well it would’ve helped if you guys were quiet yourselves, but no I didnt say anything lol.
6 am in the tent 6-7-08

reading a book after breakfast break
relaxing after breakfast

Ian making a rope
rope making 6-7-08

other activities:

Ian’s with the guy in the red shirt…

Ian with a different “coach”
archery, Ian's turn

and yep, I did it too!
me doing archery! Havent done that since I was about 10

BB for badge, didn't make it

End of camp water slide
water slide fun, end of camp 6-7-08

that’s all I’ve got for now. I have a few pics from my cousin’s wedding, and a few pics from Ian’s cousins’ b-day party (pool party) and our day at he city pool, but I haven’t uploaded them yet, so look for them soon! Enjoy!


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