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July 26, 2008

GRIPE ALERT….condensed version….

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My loser ex has NOT called his son since Ian went to see him on Father’s day weekend. Not a single call to his son to say hi, to say he loves Ian, to say he misses him. NOTHING. I got a call from Ian’s dad’s now ex-gf….she was calling to tell us about Ian’s sister’s 1st b-day party. She asked me if loser has called his son and I said no, she said that’s sad, said that loser-ex has called her to see their daughter. The part that bothers me is that she said he has come to see his daughter a few times in the last few weeks…yet he hasn’t even bothered to call his son to say HI in the last month. Sure we live an hour away from him (his choice, he moved away), but how hard is it to make a call? Its not like Ian talks for an hour, he maybe talks about 5 minutes or so. Am I surprised? Again, actually yes. Why do I let this surprise me? Because he at least would call Ian at least once a month or more here in the last few years, and he was at least wanting to see my son when I would call and say I would be in the area if he wanted to see his son, I could drop by. Now that he’s not living with his now ex-gf, I have no way to get hold of him, and have to wait for him to call Ian. I found out through the ex-gf that he has one of those tracphones which he uses to call her, but he wont use it to call his son. If I wanted to, I could ask the ex-gf for his number, but I’m standing firm in that if HE wants to contact his son, he knows my number. If he doesn’t remember it, he could ask his ex-gf because she still has it.

So, we went to Ian’s sister’s 1st b-day party on Saturday, and the loser-ex didn’t show. Which was probably just to cover his own arse because of how he did his daughter’s momma and her family was all there. But, the part that bugged me was that Ian was upset that he didn’t get to see his dad, he was hoping he was going to be there.

I met the loser-ex’s ex-gf’s mom (wha?) who watched Ian a few times while Ian was at his dad’s and his dad’s now ex-gf’s when they both had school. She told me Ian’s always good with his little sister and that he’s a good kid. Odd to meet someone I never met who watched my kid apparently a lot.

He still hasn’t called his son, yet that very morning before the party Ian’s dad went to see his daughter. his ex-gf told me he was all talking big about he was going to spend time with his daughter before and during the party, but ended up only spending 20 min. with her and then left. So, I guess Ian’s not missing out a whole bunch if he won’t even spend more than 20 min. with the baby.


Ok, I’m done griping about the loser ex for now. He still prefers drugs and alcohol over his family, still prefers lying and cheating over his family, and so he will never change and someday it will bite him in the ass. In the meantime, I will just continue to be the best parent I can be to Ian and try to show him how a parent shows love to their child. He will grow up and make his own judgment about his dad someday, but for now I want him to know that he is loved, and someday he will realize that I did everything for his best interest.


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  1. That’s all you can do Diana. Can’t change a loser until he’s ready to change.

    Having 4 kids, I can’t fathom going that long without talking to them….

    It has to suck to be him.

    Keep your chin up, Di….you’re doing an awesome job. Just know that.

    Comment by Slick — July 29, 2008 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

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