Diana Banana Pancakes

July 29, 2008


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So, the loser ex FINALLY calls Ian last night. I answer the call and he said “what are you doing?” and I said “working” and he said “oh, when’s a good time to call Ian then” and I said “you can talk to him now” and put Ian on the phone, well they talk and when Ian hands me back the phone after they talk for about 2 minutes, Ian said “dad said we could’ve come to see him at work on saturday” and I got on the phone. Loser ex asks how the birthday party went, the party for HIS DAUGHTER BY ANOTHER WOMAN, and he’s asking me how it went? I said “good I guess” and he said you guess and I said “well, as far as parties go” and then he told me the same thing he told Ian: “you guys could’ve come to my work, that would’ve been nice” and I was SPEECHLESS, I couldn’t even think of what to say! Finally I said “I don’t even know where you work” and he said “same place I’ve worked for over a year now” and I said “like I know where that is, like we’ve ever talked about which place you work at” and he said “well that’s true” DUH!! I said “besides, we haven’t heard anything from you in over a month, how do I know what’s going on with you if you dont call your son.” and he’s all “well nothing’s changed except me and her broke up” and I again was speechless that he thinks nothing has changed and expects me to believe that….

*he MAY be the dad to someone else’s kid,though he says he’s not to his now ex-gf.
*he has a new number
*he moved and is living with someone I don’t know and up until last night I didn’t even know what city he was living in.

so, yeah, I think a few things have changed…but the nerve of him to tell IAN we should’ve gone to his work after the b-day party! He doesn’t call his son in over a month and he gets all high and mighty that WE should’ve stopped by? It would’ve “been nice” ???? Well, he should’ve called his son in the last month plus, THAT would’ve been nice…ugh!!


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